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How is the development of fluorine-lined ball valves?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-27
Now many fluorine-lined ball valve manufacturers are eager to develop, but they have gone the wrong way, which has hindered the development of fluorine-lined ball valve manufacturers. So what should be done for the development of fluorine-lined ball valves? 1. Utilize 'Internet' Now is not the era of 'wine fragrance is not afraid of deep alleys', valve companies should make full use of 'Internet +'. Valve companies can take advantage of the rapidity and timeliness of the Internet to change the traditional offline promotion methods, build offline and online 'dual-line marketing models', enhance the brand awareness and influence of valve companies, and maintain brand rejuvenation and freshness. 2. Pay attention to product quality, quality is everything. Valve companies must remember not to cut corners. The quality of the products determines the customer's evaluation of the valve products and the company, whether to make secondary consumption in this valve company. Valve companies should keep in mind the theory of 'six degrees of space'. Once the product quality fails, it may have a large-scale adverse impact on the company's brand. 3. Strengthen after-sales service and user experience. Although this step is in the back, the influence of the valve brand is still profound. In addition to the large-scale purchasers of valve enterprises, ordinary users are also the cornerstone of valve brand establishment. Word of mouth is often more persuasive than advertising. This requires my country's valve manufacturers to enhance after-sales service, such as door-to-door service installation, product after-sales service within a certain period of three guarantees, and even can be replaced. 4. Innovative research and development. Innovation injects fresh blood into the brand and is the driving force for establishing the brand. Valve enterprises should deepen cooperation with colleges and universities and valve research and development institutions, so as to obtain new valve technology and gradually improve their own innovation capabilities; they should continue to introduce high-tech talents, enhance the team's research and development capabilities, and produce valves required by industrial development. Boutique.
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