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A-First of all, we need to understand the main components of the pinch valve, the valve body, hose, up and down the strip, the left and right guide rod, the size of the stem and handwheel.Main components such as pictures

B-When we turn the handwheel clockwise, the big/small stem rotates at the same time to drive the upper and bottom pressing rod to move up and down along the guide rod, so as to press the sleeve to close, otherwise open.

C-We operate the pinch valve need to pay attention to the following details.Because the bearing pressure of the sleeve is very low and the torque of the valve is very small, when closing the pinch valve, the operator can feel the right amount of resistance when rotating the handwheel to achieve the closing effect. Do not force and many people to assist the operation or use other tools to close to avoid damaging the sleeve and the inner parts of the valve.

D-Advantages of pinch valve as below

1-The pinch valve can be installed in the pipeline at will, don’t have flowing direction limited.

2-The pinch valve maintenance cost is very low. we dont need to replace seat and packing, only need to replace the hose.

3-Because the sleeve is consumable, so we need to replace the hose regularly. According to the number of switching, it is usually 3-6 months. When replacing the hose, put butter on the valve stem to lubricate it.

4-We could choice the different material of sleeve according to the medium, for example, we use the NR if the medium is the abrasive materials, diluted acids,alkali &chemical application. We will choice the EPDM if the medium is industrial chemical applications.

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