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How does the ball valve 'knead' into a sphere?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-06
Ball valves are used in food, chemical, petroleum, electric power, etc. The ball valve only needs to be rotated 90 degrees to close it when in use. It is very suitable for switch and shut-off valve. Compared with other valves, the ball valve is excellent in use and practicality. It is very convenient to use, without too much operation. But how does the ball valve become a sphere? I will tell you next. (1) Casting method: This is a traditional processing method, which requires a complete set of smelting, pouring and other equipment, as well as larger workshops and more workers, large investment, many processes, complex production technology, and Polluting the environment, the technical level of workers in each process directly affects the quality of the product, the problem of spherical capillary leakage has not been completely solved, and the blank machining allowance is large and waste is large, and it is often found in the processing process that it is scrapped due to casting defects , so that the cost of the product increases and the quality cannot be guaranteed, this method should not be adopted by the factory. (2) Forging method: This is another method adopted by many domestic valve companies at present. It has two processing methods: one is to cut and heat forge into a spherical solid blank with round steel, and then perform mechanical processing. The second is to mold the rounded stainless steel plate on a large press to obtain a hollow hemispherical blank, and then machine the welded spherical blank. This method has a high material utilization rate, but requires a high-power machine. Presses, heating furnaces and argon solitary welding equipment are expected to require an investment of 3 million yuan to form productivity, and this method is not suitable for the situation of our factory. (3) Spinning method: Metal spinning method is an advanced processing method with few chips and no chips. It belongs to a new branch of pressure processing. It combines the process characteristics of forging, extrusion, rolling and rolling, and has high material utilization rate. (up to 80-90%), saving a lot of processing time (1-5 minutes for forming), and the material strength can be doubled after spinning. Due to the small area of ​​contact between the rotary wheel and the workpiece during spinning, the metal material is in a state of two- or three-way compressive stress, which is easy to deform. Under a small power, a higher unit contact stress (up to 25- 35Mpa), therefore, the equipment is light in weight and the total power required is small (less than 1/5-1/4 of the press), it has been recognized by the foreign valve industry as an energy-saving sphere processing technology scheme, and it is also suitable for It is suitable for machining other hollow revolving parts. Spinning technology has been widely used and developed at a high speed in foreign countries. The technology and equipment are very mature and stable, and the automatic control of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration is realized. At present, spinning technology has also been greatly developed in my country, and has entered the stage of promotion and practicality. The three methods mentioned above are the source of the ball valve. The third method is the newest method because the casting method pollutes the air and causes harm to the environment, while the second method is too expensive and not suitable for small and medium-sized factories. Therefore, a third new method has been developed, which is not expensive and does not pollute the environment, and is ultimately beneficial to ourselves.
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