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How does buying a ball valve show that you are a knowledgeable person? What if it won't be installed?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-06
Then I will introduce the characteristics and installation methods of the ball valve to you in an all-round way without dead ends. When you know enough about ball valves, you will not be forced to introduce and recommend by merchants. You can buy the satisfactory ball valve you want, and you can install it by yourself without spending money to hire professionals. The characteristics of the ball valve: 1. Wear resistance: Because the valve core of the hard sealing ball valve is alloy steel spray welding, and the sealing ring is alloy steel surfacing welding, so the hard sealing ball valve will not produce too much wear when switching. 2. Good sealing performance: Since the sealing of the hard-sealed ball valve is artificially ground, it cannot be used until the valve core and the sealing ring are completely matched. So his sealing performance is reliable. 3. Light switch: Since the bottom of the sealing ring of the hard-sealed ball valve adopts a spring to hold the sealing ring and the valve core tightly together, the switch is very light when the external force exceeds the preload of the spring. 4. Long service life: It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, papermaking, atomic energy, aviation, rocket and other departments, as well as people's daily life. 1. The fluid resistance is small, and the full-bore ball valve basically has no flow resistance. 2. Simple structure, small size and light weight. 3. Tight and reliable. It has two sealing surfaces, and the sealing surface materials of the ball valve are widely used in various plastics, which have good sealing performance and can achieve complete sealing. It has also been widely used in vacuum systems. 4. Easy to operate, quick to open and close, only need to rotate 90° from fully open to fully closed, which is convenient for long-distance control. 5. The maintenance is convenient, the ball valve has a simple structure, the sealing ring is generally movable, and it is more convenient to disassemble and replace. 6. When fully open or fully closed, the sealing surface of the ball and the valve seat is isolated from the medium, and when the medium passes through, the sealing surface of the valve will not be eroded. 7. It has a wide range of applications, with a diameter ranging from a few millimeters to a few meters, and can be applied from high vacuum to high pressure. 8. Because the ball valve has wiping property during the opening and closing process, it can be used in the medium with suspended solid particles. It has high processing precision and high cost. It is not suitable for use in high temperature. If there are impurities in the pipeline, it is easy to be blocked by impurities, resulting in the valve cannot be opened. Installation method of ball valve: 1) Remove the protective cover on both sides of the flange end, and rinse and clean with the valve fully opened. 2) Before installation, the whole machine should be tested according to the specified signal (electricity or gas) (to prevent the vibration caused by transportation from affecting the performance), and the installation can be done online after passing the test (the wiring is according to the circuit diagram of the electric actuator). 3) Before preparing to connect with the pipeline, it is necessary to rinse and remove the remaining impurities in the clean pipeline (these substances may damage the valve seat and ball). 4) During installation, please do not use the actuator part of the valve as a lifting point to avoid damage to the actuator and accessories. 5) This type of valve should be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction of the pipeline. 6) The pipeline near the installation point should not be sagging or subjected to external force. Pipe supports or supports can be used to eliminate the deviation of the pipeline. 7) After connecting with the pipeline, cross-tighten the flange connecting bolts with the specified torque. The above are the characteristics and installation methods of the ball valve that I introduced to you. Follow my steps to find that the ball valve is actually easy to understand and easy to install. The blocking effect of the ball valve on the fluid is also very good. Especially fluids with fibers or small particles. The operation is simple and convenient, and it is suitable for many small and medium-sized enterprises.
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