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How can the quality of fluorine-lined butterfly valve be better

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-14
How can the quality of the fluorine-lined butterfly valve be better? The fluorine-lined butterfly valve is a valve that is widely used in fluorine-lined valves. The fluorine-lined butterfly valve adopts a fluorine-lined plastic-lined butterfly plate with a spherical sealing surface, and is equipped with silicon The rubber gasket adjusts the sealing performance of the valve; the valve is easy to operate, has tight sealing performance, and has a long service life; it can be used for quick cutting or flow adjustment. Suitable for applications requiring reliable sealing and good regulation characteristics. The valve body adopts a split type, and the sealing of the valve shaft is controlled by the rotating base surface between the butterfly plate and the valve seat plus fluorine rubber, so as to achieve a compact product structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable process and reliable performance. To ensure that the valve shaft is not in contact with the fluid medium in the cavity, it is very convenient to replace the valve shaft, and the valve does not need to be detached from the pipeline to complete. The fluorine-lined butterfly valve uses the butterfly plate that rotates with the valve stem as the opening and closing part to realize the opening, closing and adjustment of the valve. In addition to cutting off and shutting off the flow of the butterfly valve in the pipeline, in recent years, the sealing performance has been regarded as the main indicator for evaluation, which is favored by the market. If the butterfly valve is required to be used for flow control, the main thing is to correctly select the size and type of the valve. The structural principle of the butterfly valve is especially suitable for making large-diameter valves. Fluorine-lined butterfly valves are not only widely used in general industries such as petroleum, gas, chemical, and water treatment, but also in the cooling water system of thermal power plants.
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