fluorine lining gate valve

Formation of technical conditions for fluorine-lined valve and pipe fittings

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-31
Fluorine-lined valve (is a product of the development stage of modern science and technology. Fluorine-lined valve (is a high-tech product produced with the emergence of fluoroplastics and social needs. According to the above-mentioned performance characteristics of fluoroplastics, molding process characteristics and methods, Our company has continuously explored and repeatedly practiced in the design and production of fluorine-lined valves for more than ten years, and has developed a fluorine-lined gate valve, a fluorine-lined globe valve, a fluorine-lined ball valve, a fluorine-lined butterfly valve, a fluorine-lined diaphragm valve, and a fluorine-lined check valve. Valves, fluorine-lined plug valves, fluorine-lined sight glasses and other series of fluorine-lined valves have obtained eight national patents and are in a leading position in the country. Therefore, a text on the technical conditions of fluorine-lined valve and pipe fittings has been gradually formed to guide and standardize the design and production. Compared with conventional general-purpose valves, fluorine-lined valves have their own characteristics in terms of material selection and manufacturing process.
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