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Forged steel Y-type check valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-03
Overview of forged steel Y-type check valve: 1. The valve disc moves up and down. The connecting pipe connects the upper chamber with the valve outlet. When the valve disc rises and falls, it reduces the impact and vibration and makes the disc reach the full stroke; 2. The valve The body is Y-shaped, the resistance is small, the guide ribs are surfacing with cemented carbide, the guide sleeve is made of stainless steel, and the valve cover operates flexibly; 3. The pressure self-tightening seal is used, and the sealing is reliable; 4. The sealing surface of the valve disc and the valve seat are uniform Made of cobalt matrix alloy surfacing, high hardness, anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, durable; forged steel Y-type check valve standard material table: serial number part name CStoASTMAStoASTMSStoASTMA105F22F304(L)F316(L)1 valve body A105A182F22A182F304(L )A182F316(L)2 Disc A276420A276304A276304(L)A276316(L)3 Bonnet A105A182F22A182F304(L)A182F316(L)4 Nameplate SS Applicable medium water, steam, oil and other water, steam, oil and other nitric acid, acetic acid, etc. Applicable temperature—29℃~425℃—29℃~550℃—29℃~200℃
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