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Fluorine-lined Y-type flange filter performance characteristics

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-13
Fluorine-lined Y-type flange filter performance characteristics Fluorine-lined Y-type filter is used to remove impurities in corrosive media and protect the normal use of pumps, valves and other equipment. Since the inner wall of the filter and the filter screen are made of PTFE with high corrosion resistance, this product is widely used in various corrosive pipelines such as strong acids, strong alkalis, salts, strong oxidants and organic solvents. Fluorine-lined Y-type filter is suitable for various concentrations of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, aqua regia, nitric acid, various organic acids, strong bases, strong oxidants or alternating concentrated dilute acids, various organic solvents and the removal of molten alkali metals, elemental fluorine and Other strong corrosive media other than aromatic hydrocarbons (note: different lining materials are suitable for different media). The shell of this filter product is made of carbon steel lined with fluoroplastic, and the filter screen is made of F46, F4 and other materials. This product has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, high filtration efficiency and convenient maintenance. Main material table: Nominal diameter 25-200 Connection method Flange shell material Carbon steel lining F4 (F46) Flange pressure 0.25-2.5Mpa, 150LB filter element material F4, F46 Flange sealing surface RF filter precision 10 mesh-100 mesh Gasket Material PTFE Main Dimensions: Caliber DN25DN3240506580100125150200L165185200230295315355405480605H115115145165175205230285315400
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