fluorine lining gate valve

Fluorine-lined valve performance test method

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-29
Fluorine-lined valve, also known as fluoroplastic lined corrosion-resistant valve, is a method of placing polytetrafluoroethylene resin (or profile processed) on the inner wall of steel or iron valve pressure-bearing parts (same method) by molding (or inlaying). It is suitable for the lining of various pressure vessels and pipeline accessories) or the outer surface of valve internals, and is made into various valves and pressure vessels by using its unique properties in resisting strong corrosive media. Fluorine-lined valve performance test method: 1. Temperature: The test temperature measurement involves the temperature range from room temperature to liquid nitrogen, and is measured by thermoelectric thermometer. Recording and saving is done automatically. At the same time, the computer transmits the temperature measurement value to the temperature display instrument on the instrument panel for on-site display. 2. Pressure: The test pressure measurement range is 0~10MPa. Pointer type precision pressure gauge and digital pressure gauge are used to display the system pressure on the instrument panel. At the same time, the pressure transmitter is used to measure the system pressure and convert it into a voltage signal, which is measured, collected and input into the measurement and control computer by a digital multimeter. , displayed on the computer interface, and recorded and saved automatically by the computer. 3. Liquid level: In order to ensure that the liquid nitrogen level meets the requirements of valve testing, a differential pressure transmitter is used to measure the liquid level. The measured electrical signal is measured, collected and input to the computer by the digital multimeter for display, and reminds to fill the liquid nitrogen and stop the liquid nitrogen filling operation. 4. Flow: According to the different sealing forms of the valve, the allowable leakage of the valve is different. Valves with soft sealing structure should have zero leakage. For hard-sealed valves, a certain amount of leakage is allowed. Based on the above situation, there are two devices for measuring flow. One is a flowmeter with small flow, which is used to measure the leakage of hard-sealed valves or soft-sealed valves that allow a certain amount of leakage under relatively abnormal working conditions. For small leakage, since the general flowmeter can no longer be detected, it is necessary to measure by observing and counting the number of air bubbles leaking from the open end in the water. The number of electrical pulses is recorded by a computer data acquisition system to realize automatic counting.
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