fluorine lining gate valve

Fluorine-lined gate valve has a short history but high market position

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-25
The development of fluorine-lined gate valves can be described as extremely fast, just like the development of the United States. Although the history is very short, it has a high international status. The same is true for fluorine-lined gate valves. Although the history is very short, it has a high market position and is widely used. Is the darling of many businesses. The history of fluorine-lined gate valves is very short, and the real large-scale production is still a matter of nearly ten years. Therefore, there is no unified special industry product standard. Generally, manufacturers design and manufacture with reference to steel valve standards. Constantly explore and summarize in production practice, formulate enterprise standards, and guide the design, manufacture and testing of fluorine-lined gate valves in accordance with enterprise standards. As we all know, fluoroplastics are thermoplastic materials with superior performance, which have been used in the aerospace industry. Typical polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) materials have excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, and can be used in the range of -195℃~200℃ for a long time. . Low friction and self-lubricating properties are very good, and it also has excellent electrical insulation and excellent chemical stability. 'The name. Because fluoroplastics have these excellent properties, they are especially suitable for valve materials with strong corrosion resistance. Because the tensile strength and hardness of fluoroplastics are relatively low, they are not suitable for valve housing materials alone, so they are usually used as lining materials. The shell materials of fluorine-lined gate valves are generally gray cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Gray cast iron is less used now because of its low mechanical strength and easy to chip. The larger force required to use the release torque or axial force on the handwheel or wrench of the fluorine-lined gate valve should not exceed 360N. The wrench should be no longer than twice the length of the valve structure. If requested by the purchaser, the valve shall be provided with a locking mechanism. The locking mechanism shall be designed to lock the valve in the open or closed position. Valves equipped with manual or power actuation shall be provided with a visible position indicator to indicate the open and closed position of the closure. For plug valves and ball valves, the wrench or position indicator should be in line with the pipe when the valve is in the open position, and should be placed horizontally on the pipe when the valve is in the closed position. Fluorine-lined gate valve operators and stem extension assemblies shall provide a means of preventing pressure build-up in the mechanism caused by stem or bonnet seal leakage. External connections should be sealed, such as with gaskets or O-rings, to prevent foreign matter from entering the mechanism. The drive device can be electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic; the connection surface between the device and the valve cover or valve stem extension device should be designed to prevent wrong or improper assembly of parts; the output of the transmission device should not exceed the valve drive chain. Large load capacity. The valve stem should be designed with an anti-spray mechanism to prevent the valve stem from being sprayed out under internal pressure after the valve stem packing or protection ring is removed.
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