fluorine lining gate valve

Fluorine-lined DC globe valve Basic structure

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-15
1. Plastic-lined J41 straight-through, J45 straight-slip, and J44-angle globe valves have the advantages of compact structure, flexible opening and closing, strong corrosion resistance, and short stroke (generally 1/4 of the nominal pass). It is widely used in petroleum, chemical and other pipeline systems to cut off the medium, but the plastic-lined globe valve is strictly prohibited for flow adjustment, so as to avoid the high-speed medium flow generated at the orifice from eroding and destroying the sealing surface. 2. The valve disc and the valve stem are designed as an integral structure to prevent the possibility of the internal parts rushing out of the valve body due to the fluctuation of the pipeline pressure. The structure is compact and safe to use.
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