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Fluorine lined butterfly valve--Structure and design of fluorine plastic lined butterfly valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-12
Fluorine lined butterfly valve--Structure and design of fluorine plastic lined butterfly valve With the rapid development of the modern petrochemical industry, the rubber lined and enamel valves that appeared in the early years can no longer meet the ever-changing industrial needs. People are constantly seeking the most economical, most reasonable and low-carbon methods to solve these industrial needs, so lining valves of various materials have appeared, among which fluoroplastic lining valves are a wonderful flower in lining valves. Structure and Design of Fluoroplastic Lining Butterfly Valve Structure and main parts names The structure and main parts names of the fluoroplastic lined dither valve are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. 1. Valve body 2. Valve seat lining layer 3. Butterfly plate lining layer 4. Butterfly plate 5. O-ring 6. Dust-proof sealing ring 7. Handle Wafer type connection butterfly valve Scope of application The nominal pressure is determined to be ≤ PN16. The maximum pressure of fluoroplastics can reach 2.5MPa, and the nominal pressure PN16 is selected as the insurance value. The nominal size is selected from DN50 to 1200. The minimum nominal size of the lined butterfly valve is DN50, the maximum nominal size is DN1200, and some are above 1200. Applicable temperature: Comprehensive evaluation according to the temperature that different materials (metal materials and non-metal materials) can withstand. Such as steel lined with fluorine plastic (WCB+F46) material, the operating temperature is -29 ℃ ~ 150 ℃. Limit the maximum value not to exceed 150 ℃. Applicable medium: low viscosity acid and alkali corrosive medium. Mainly refers to strong corrosive media such as acidic, alkaline, organic and inorganic solvents. Low viscosity is relatively high concentration of granular media, fluoroplastic lined valves should try to avoid the use of solid particle media. Structural length and flange size The structural length and flange size of the fluoroplastic lined butterfly valve are implemented in accordance with the relevant standards and industry standards for steel valves. The structural length is in accordance with the provisions of Table 10 in the GB/T12221-2005 standard. Whether it is the structural length of the double flange connection or the structural length of the clip connection, the short series is preferred. If the user has requirements, other structural lengths can be selected according to the contract agreement. The length of the structure includes the thickness of the fluoroplastic lining of the flange sealing surface. The flange connection size is generally in accordance with the provisions of GB/T9113.1. If the user has requirements, it can be designed and manufactured according to other flange standards. And it is limited to flange end and clamp connection, and welding end connection is not allowed. The quality of the product is affected because the welded connection can damage the lining layer.
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