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Fluorine-lined butterfly valve sales hit a new high

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-29
According to incomplete statistics of the valve market, the annual sales volume of butterfly valves in the country is more than 3 billion. In particular, the sales volume of the wafer-type fluorine-lined butterfly valve and the worm gear wafer-type fluorine-lined butterfly valve in the fluorine-lined valve series is amazing. According to the analysis of market competitiveness, why are the sales volume of these two kinds of butterfly valves in the top position? The weight of the wafer-type fluorine-lined butterfly valve is relatively light. Compared with the gate valve of the same diameter, it is only 1/2 of its weight. It has the dual characteristics of a butterfly valve and a fluorine-lined butterfly valve. Its corrosion resistance can greatly increase its service life in high temperature and high pressure conditions. It is 1.5 times the service life of ordinary gate valves. Due to the increasing demand in the market, the role of butterfly valves has become more and more prominent. Besides, the worm gear wafer type fluorine-lined butterfly valve is aimed at the large-diameter butterfly valve, generally DN300-DN2400 is the main market model. With the increasing demand for large diameters in the market, DN500-DN2000 worm gear wafer-type fluorine-lined butterfly valves also occupy the mainstream market of butterfly valves. Why would such phenomenon happen? Since the government has issued a series of reform measures to actively improve valve manufacturers, most companies have also begun to adjust the structure of their products to rationalize the product structure and maximize economic benefits. Shangyu Valve specializes in the production of fluorine-lined butterfly valves, with a complete range of models, covering almost all types of butterfly valves. Flange lined fluorine butterfly valve, wafer type fluorine lined butterfly valve, worm wheel wafer butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, etc.
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