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Fluorine lined butterfly valve options for pneumatic fluorine lined butterfly valve accessories

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-09
Fluorine lined butterfly valve Pneumatic fluorine lined butterfly valve can choose the following accessories to cut off according to different control and requirements: single solenoid valve, double solenoid valve, limit switch echo. Adjustable accessories: electrical positioner, pneumatic positioner, electrical converter. Air source treatment accessories: air filter pressure reducing valve, air source treatment triplet. Manual mechanism: HVSD hand-operated mechanism Echo device: also called limit switch (APL310), remote feedback switch signal (explosion-proof APL410) Solenoid valve: double-acting 5/2-way, single-acting 2/3-way (explosion-proof) PLVD5 /2 triple parts: can stabilize the air source, filter, add lubricating oil to the cylinder Function remarks: Please refer to the optional pneumatic actuator for the parameters of the cylinder. 5.1 The valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and both ends of the valve channel should be blocked. 5.2 Valves stored for a long time should be checked regularly to remove dirt. Special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the sealing surface to prevent damage to the sealing surface. 5.3 Before installation, carefully check whether the valve mark conforms to the requirements for use. 5.4 Check the valve channel and sealing surface before installation. If there is any dirt, it should be wiped with a cleaning cloth. 5.5 Before installation, check whether the packing is pressed tightly, ensure the tightness of the packing, and at the same time not hinder the rotation of the valve stem. 5.6 When the system or pipeline is pressure tested after installation, the valve must be in the fully open position. 5.7 The sphere should be fully opened or closed during use, and part of the sphere should not be opened for flow regulation. 5.8 When the manual valve is opened or closed, the handle should be used to open and close, and auxiliary levers or other tools shall not be used. 5.9 The valve should be checked regularly to check whether the sealing surface is worn or not and the gasket packing. If the damage fails, it should be repaired or replaced in time. 5.10 For the transmission device of electric and pneumatic valve, its storage, maintenance, installation and use, please refer to the manual of valve pneumatic device.
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