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Fluorine-lined butterfly valve molding process

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-10
Fluorine-lined butterfly valve molding process Fluorine-lined butterfly valve molding is the most commonly used method for fluorine plastic lined drop butterfly valves, which is suitable for multi-variety and small-batch production methods. It is to put a certain amount of fluoroplastics (powder, granular, fibrous, flake and crumb, etc.) into the molding cavity, then close it, heat it to a certain temperature in a heating furnace, take it out, put it in It melts and flows under pressure in the press, slowly filling the entire cavity to obtain the shape given by the cavity. With plasticization, mixing and dispersion in the mold, the melt gradually loses its fluidity and becomes an infusible body structure and becomes a solid, and is continuously cooled with cold water. After cooling to a certain temperature, the mold is opened to become a finished product, thereby completing the molding process. . The quality of the fluoroplastic lining layer mainly depends on the quality of the fluoroplastic raw material, the lining molding process and the design of the mold. The molding quality of the fluoroplastic lined valve includes the inner and outer quality of the lining layer. Intrinsic quality includes the physical and chemical properties of the plastic lining and its uniformity; it not only requires fluoroplastics to have corresponding physical and chemical properties. In the molding process, we should also pay attention to the temperature and pressure of plasticization, and master the molding process correctly. The external quality includes the size, appearance and color of the plastic lining layer. The quality of the outer surface of the plastic lining layer mainly depends on the design of the mold and the ability of the fluoroplastic to plasticize, mix and disperse in the mold. The plasticizing effect is directly related to the mold structure and the control of the process formula, raw material quality and processing conditions. 1. Main column 2. Movable beam 3. Upper beam 4. Oil cylinder 5. Oil pipe 6. Pressure head 7. Mould and barrel 8. Valve body 9. Control box 10. Requirements for temperature and pressure of plastic plasticizing molding of lower beam Very strict, it is very important to master the plasticization time of fluoroplastics. If the plasticizing time is too short, the fluoroplastic will be decomposed and cross-linked before it is formed; if the plasticizing time is too long, the production efficiency will be low, it will take a long time to cure and demould, and the production cycle will be long. In production, the key factors controlling plasticizing time are temperature and pressure. If the plasticizing temperature and pressure cannot be controlled well, it is likely to cause problems such as low surface hardness and insufficient surface brightness of the lining layer; difficulty in controlling the size of the lining plastic; difficult to eliminate welding lines; the lining layer has fish scale-like unevenness along the flow direction of the fluoroplastic. There are regular ripples, or surface arrow-shaped ripples, etc. It is worth mentioning that the number of deflation, deflation time, and interval time during the pressurization process have a direct impact on the appearance quality of the plastic lining layer, which should be strictly controlled in production, and production records should be made. Technicians can draw up the plasticization curve of fluoroplastics before production, master the plasticization time, and then adjust the process according to the actual situation in practice. Because the nominal size and nominal pressure of each product are different, the formula of fluoroplastics, the quality of raw materials, and the requirements are different, and the process controls such as temperature, pressure, and outgassing are also different. It is determined according to the specific situation, so as to formulate a product that meets the requirements of the enterprise. Molding process. Compared with the conventional butterfly valve, the fluoroplastic lined butterfly valve has the same and different places in the design and manufacturing process. This article strives to comprehensively introduce the design points, manufacturing methods and process characteristics of the fluoroplastic lined butterfly valve, so as to help readers understand the fluorine lined butterfly valve. The emergence of fluoroplastic lined butterfly valve is the product of scientific and technological progress, and it is an innovation of conventional butterfly valve products, which not only saves a lot of rare metals, makes rational use of resources, but also saves energy and protects the environment. It meets the needs of the petrochemical industry for special valves, and the economic and social benefits are particularly significant. It is worth promoting the application.
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