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Five tips for dealing with external leakage of electric regulating valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-20
The first method is to increase the sealing grease method; this method is aimed at the valve body that has not yet used sealing grease, and it can be considered to increase the sealing grease to improve the sealing performance of the valve stem. In the daily maintenance of the electric regulating valve, it is also one of the necessary maintenance procedures to add and supplement the sealing grease. Method 2: Change the flow direction and place P2 at the stem end; when △P is larger and P1 is larger, sealing P1 is obviously more difficult than sealing P2. Therefore, the electric regulating valve can adopt the method of changing the flow direction and place P1 at the valve. The rod end is changed to P2 at the stem end, which is more effective for valves with high pressure and large pressure difference. For example, bellows valves should usually consider sealing P2. The third method is to use the lens pad sealing method; for the sealing of the upper and lower covers, the valve seat and the upper and lower valve bodies. The valve lens gasket is sealed, and satisfactory results can be obtained. The fourth method is to increase the packing method; usually, the number of gaskets is simply increased in the form of double-layer or multi-layer mixed packing, such as increasing the number of gaskets from 3 to 5 to improve the sealing performance of the valve stem. The leakage effect is not very obvious. The fifth method is to replace the graphite packing method; a large number of tetrafluoroethylene packings are used, and their applicable working temperature is in the range of -20 to 200 °C. When the working temperature changes greatly between the upper and lower limits, the sealing performance of the electric control valve will be obvious. It has declined, and it ages quickly and has a short lifespan. It is recommended to use flexible graphite packing here, which can overcome the difficulties that tetrafluoroethylene packing cannot bear, and has a long service life, thereby improving the reliability of sealing. There are many factories that have all changed the four-** packing to graphite packing, and even the newly purchased control valve has replaced the four-** packing with graphite packing before use. However, graphite packing also has a disadvantage, that is, the return difference is large, and some crawling phenomenon occurs at the beginning. In this regard, manufacturers and users should also take into account when designing and installing electric control valve equipment.
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