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Fire damper classification

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-16
1. Fire dampers and fire control valves, normally open and closed at 70 degrees, are generally installed at the place where the air duct passes through the firewall to shut off the fire, and the output electrical signal can be set. ) The fan is closed; 2. The smoke and fire control valve, normally open, closed at 70 degrees, the same, but one more electrical signal input, can be remotely controlled and closed by the fire control room, generally used in the common air duct system for normal air supply and fire supplementary air , in the event of a fire, it can be controlled to close the room that does not need supplementary air; 3. Fire damper, 280 degrees fuse to close, normally open, output electrical signal, this is similar to 1, but the fuse temperature is different, generally used in fire exhaust pipes to pass through the firewall When the flue gas temperature exceeds 280 degrees, it will automatically fuse and shut down, and the exhaust fan can be shut off in a chain. Smoke exhaust valve: 1. Smoke exhaust fire damper (normally closed, open with electrical signal, 280 degree fuse closed, or manually closed) is generally used in smoke exhaust systems, one can be installed at the suction port of the exhaust fan, and the fire control room will be installed in the event of a fire. When the control is turned on, the smoke exhaust fan can also be chained off when it is turned off. 2. Smoke exhaust valve, the same as the above 3, the name of each unit is different, some are called smoke exhaust valve according to its operating temperature, and some are called fire damper according to the nature of its use, but the equipment side only fuses the common fire valve. The metal is replaced with the one with 280 degree fusing. 3. Automatic smoke exhaust and fire damper (for subway engineering) The fire prevention and smoke exhaust valve of the subway ventilation and air conditioning system has the function of linkage control with the automatic fire alarm equipment and the gas fire extinguishing system. Each automatic smoke and fire damper has two independent electric control signals, which are monitored by EMCS and gas elimination system respectively. The control signals are all DC24V±10% signals. Each automatic smoke and fire damper has six independent feedback signals (three open in place, three closed in place). The feedback signals are normally open passive contact signals. Smoke exhaust port: If you have installed the necessary smoke exhaust valve on the pipeline, you can use the ordinary single-layer louver tuyere; otherwise, you need to use the plate type smoke exhaust port, which also has the mechanism of the smoke exhaust and fire damper.
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