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Features of Top Entry Eccentric Ball Valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-31
1. Sealing pair (valve core, valve seat) - bimetal, realizing metal spherical ring with hard sealing, fireproof and explosion-proof; 2. Tight sealing, the sealing of valve core and valve seat is spherical line contact, and zero leakage is achieved by three-dimensional eccentricity 3. There is a compensation amount for the valve core of the sealing pair. When the valve is used for a long time and the sealing pair is found to be worn, it is only necessary to loosen the limit bolt on the handwheel side, and then turn it a little when it is closed, and it can still achieve reliable sealing and prolong service life. . Fourth, the compression sleeve can be unscrewed, the valve seat can be adjusted or replaced, and the valve can still be used continuously, avoiding the disadvantages of the whole set being scrapped after the failure of many existing valve seals. The hemispherical valve is divided into six series according to the purpose: general valve, pipeline valve, special valve for slurry, special valve for gas, special valve for petrochemical industry, and special valve for pulverized coal injection. There are three types of transmission modes: manual, pneumatic and electric, and eight pressure levels (PN0.25-10.0Mpa) and hemispherical valve products with hundreds of specifications (40-1000). In petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, gas and other industries, it is the replacement product of gate valve, globe valve, Y-type valve and ball valve. At present, it has been sold well in pulverized coal injection in the steel industry, slurry, mother liquor and alumina powder transportation in the alumina industry, hydraulic (or dry) ash removal in the power industry, petrochemical industry, gas industry and other occasions.
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