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Features of manual regulating valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-28
Description of manual regulating valve: Manual regulating valve is suitable for regulating flow on steam or hot water pipelines with working pressure ≤1.6MPa, medium temperature ≤200℃ (and ≤2.5MPa, medium temperature ≤350℃). Rotate the handwheel clockwise to close the manual regulating valve. At this time, the valve stem drives the valve disc to descend until the two conical sealing surfaces contact tightly to close the pipeline. Features of manual regulating valve: ①Improve heating supply conditions: all branch lines and thermal points that use manual regulating valve can adjust the flow according to the design conditions to achieve good temperature conditions. This regulating valve is better than gate valve and globe valve. Good adjustment performance, it has approximate linear adjustment performance. Therefore, the uneven phenomenon of heating and cooling in each heating building has been effectively improved. ②Energy saving: Due to the imbalance of temperature and pressure in the heat pipe network, the flow of some branches is too large, which makes the temperature of some buildings too high, and users have to open the windows to save energy. ③Improve the hydraulic working conditions of the network management: The manual regulating valve can be controlled according to the rated flow, reducing the flow of the network management overrunning, so that the deterioration of the original water working conditions can be improved to a certain extent.
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