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Features and uses of wafer butterfly valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-02
Features of wafer ball valve: Compared with ordinary ball valve, wafer ball valve has obvious advantages such as short structure length, light weight, convenient installation and material saving. The thermal insulation jacketed ball valve has a good thermal insulation effect. In addition, the valve seat adopts an elastic sealing structure, which is reliable in sealing and easy to open and close. Equipped with fire-resistant structure, in case of fire, it can still operate reliably and have good sealing performance. According to user needs, it can be equipped with anti-static structure. A 90° switch with hole positioning piece is set, which can be locked as needed to prevent misoperation. Application of wafer ball valve: Wafer ball valve and wafer insulation jacketed ball valve are suitable for Class150, PN1.0~2.5MPa, working temperature 29~180℃ (sealing ring is reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene) or 29~300℃ (sealing It is used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline on various pipelines with a ring of para-polyphenylene. Different materials are used, which can be respectively applied to water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing medium, urea and other media.
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