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Double switch basket strainer

Double switch basket strainer


Hello everyone, in this video, let me introduce a filter that is efficient and does not stop the machine to clean the filter screen. It is a double switch basket filter.

First of all, take you to understand the main structure of the DN500 double switch basket type strainer, 1- body 2sets, 2- filter basket 2sets, 3- butterfly valve 4sets, 4- tee 2sets, 5-drain valve  2sets, 6- vent valve 2sets, 7- valve cover 2sets.

The working principle is to go up and down, before filtering, the first side of the two butterfly valves open, the other side of the two butterfly valves closed, the medium through the upper end of the three through the open butterfly valve flow to the body and the filter basket, the particles intercepted in the filter basket, the effective medium through the lower end of the three flow out. When the flow decreases and the pressure difference increases, we need to close the two butterfly valves and open the two butterfly valves on the other side at the same time, so that the medium will be filtered through the other side. Before taking out the filter basket, we need to open the vent valve for exhaust, to prevent the existence of squeezed air in the body and the valve cover flying off to hurt people, and open the drain valve for cleaning the filter basket and blowdown,like that repeating operation.

I hope my introduction can make you better understand the double switch basket strainer. Please call me if you have unclear thing.

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