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Do you know what are the standards for valve welding?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-07
As we all know, the application scope of valves is becoming more and more common, and valves can be seen in many industries, especially in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and energy industries. As an important part of the pipeline system, there are many specifications and types of valves, and their functions are also different. Some are used to connect or cut off the medium, adjust the medium pressure or flow, prevent the medium pressure from exceeding the specified value, and ensure the safe operation of the pipeline or equipment. Some are also used to separate, mix or distribute media to ensure system process conditions. Due to the role of the valve in the pipeline system, the manufacturing process of the valve will directly affect the safe operation of the pipeline equipment. Therefore, the 'Measures for Safety Registration and Management of Pressure Pipeline Component Manufacturing' stipulates that valve manufacturers should accept safety registration, and only valves produced by manufacturers with safety registration can be used in pressure pipelines. So do you know what are the standards for valve welding? If you don't know it, take a look at the introduction below. With the continuous development of working conditions, the requirements for valve performance are getting higher and higher, and the related processes in product manufacturing are also getting more and more attention. Due to the incomplete technical specifications related to valves and pipeline components, such as valve welding, corrosion-resistant surfacing and wear-resistant surfacing, there are no clear regulations. The particularity of the valve, whether the technical specifications for the manufacture of relevant boiler and pressure vessel pressure piping can be used remains to be discussed, all of which bring certain difficulties to the safety registration review of the valve. This paper analyzes the relevant issues and suggests that when formulating new standards, the corresponding content can be added according to actual needs, so that the technical specifications are more comprehensive and easy to operate. The valve body of the large valve is generally welded in the manufacture, and the wall thickness of the valve body is often greater than 38mm. According to the relevant regulations of pressure vessel pressure piping at home and abroad, when the thickness of the weldment is greater than 38mm, it needs to be subjected to thermal aging treatment after welding. The purpose is to remove hydrogen, eliminate welding residual stress and restore material plasticity. However, due to the difference in sealing materials and the deformation of the valve body due to thermal aging after welding, whether the valve should be heat treated, or what should be done to ensure the quality, is not specified in the relevant domestic standards. At present, foreign large-scale welded valves have entered the Chinese market. It is worth discussing and studying whether the standard should be accepted or whether the valve should not be subjected to post-weld heat treatment. Therefore, for a specific product such as a large welded valve, especially whether it is to be subjected to post-weld thermal aging, a comprehensive test must be carried out, including the welding groove, joint form, temperature stress distribution or control and stress relief. Conduct research to determine reliable performance of welded joints and develop appropriate specifications to ensure valve quality and reliability. Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone already knows what are the standards for valve welding. There are many standards for valve welding. If you are interested, please visit Lianke Valve Co., Ltd. for a detailed understanding. Lianke Valve Co., Ltd. has greatly developed and improved in valve product development capabilities, valve production and processing capabilities, valve quality control capabilities, valve marketing and service capabilities, and financial and financial strength. Lianke Valve Co., Ltd. now has a complete management organization such as a valve scientific research and development center (valve technology center), a valve machining center, a valve quality inspection center, a valve market service center, and a financial settlement center. Especially in the research and development of fluorine-lined valves, the production of fluorine-lined valves, the inspection of fluorine-lined valves, and the performance of fluorine-lined valves.
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