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Do you know what a bottom valve is?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-23
The bottom valve is not much different from the usual valve structure. The bottom valve is composed of the valve body. It is composed of valve cover, valve disc, sealing ring and gasket. The valve disc of the bottom valve has single, double or even multiple discs. Wondering, where is the bottom valve used for? If you also want to know, let's take a closer look together. After the bottom valve is connected to the pipeline, the liquid medium enters the valve body from the direction of the valve cover, and the pressure of the liquid acts on the valve disc, so that the valve disc is opened to allow the medium to flow through. When the medium pressure in the valve body changes or disappears, the valve disc Close prevents backflow of media. English is Foot Valve or Bottom Valve, which is actually a kind of check valve, which plays the role of preventing water from flowing back. The bottom valve can be divided into plastic bottom valve and metal bottom valve according to the material, and can also be divided into ordinary bottom valve and bottom valve with backwash water flow. Bottom valves are mainly used in pumps and other mechanical equipment for handling slurry. Usually, the bottom valve is installed at the bottom end of the underwater suction pipe of the pump to prevent the backflow of the slurry. At present, the quality of bottom valves of domestic brands is generally poor, such as poor sealing and water leakage problems, so it is difficult for the system to realize automatic control, and it is very troublesome to pour water into the straw every time. Features: The bottom valve is an energy-saving valve, which is generally installed at the bottom end of the underwater suction pipe of the water pump to limit the return of the liquid in the water pump pipe to the water source, and has the function of only entering and not entering. There are many water inlets and reinforcing ribs on the valve cover, which are not easy to be blocked, and are mainly used in the pipeline for pumping water. The role of water channels and supports. The caliber has single-lobe, double-lobe, multi-lobe type, flange connection and threaded connection. Other names: Internal thread lift bottom valve---bottom valve, suction valve, water filter valve, shower head; lift bottom valve-flange bottom valve; swing bottom valve-flange swing well foot valve. The bottom valve is welded at the bottom of the container, so as to achieve the best effect of emptying, cleaning and disinfection. In addition, the working medium can be well mixed according to various technological requirements during the operation. The tank bottom valve is as close as possible to the tank bottom wall, so as to achieve the effect of no dead angle. 1. The structure is ideal both in terms of flow rate and process requirements, and in addition, turbulent flow will not occur during emptying. 2. All current international standard interfaces can be provided, such as welding type, clamp type or threaded type, etc. 3. The valve body material is US304.SUS316L, of course, other alloy steels can also be used according to customer requirements. 4. The surface of the valve body can be mechanically polished or electro-polished according to customer requirements, and the accuracy can reach 0.25um. 5. The bottom valve can be equipped with manual or pneumatic. Each water pump needs to be installed with a bottom valve. The bottom valve is usually installed below the water surface, while the water-type bottom valve is installed above the water surface. It is a replacement product of the old-fashioned bottom valve. , is an ideal water diversion equipment and can also replace the vacuum pump and vacuum device. The bottom valve has the advantages of long service life and energy saving, and is widely used in supporting facilities for pumps in petrochemical, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, mining, drainage and irrigation industries. The above is the introduction of the bottom valve. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can consult our company! Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd. is a company dedicated to innovation and valve manufacturing. The design of the bottom valve is very reasonable, and the technology is also very advanced. And its installation, use, and even maintenance are very convenient.
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