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Do you know the structure of the ball valve?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-07
Because the function of the ball valve is more perfect, and it is developing in the direction of high temperature, high pressure, and long life, the ball valve part begins to replace the gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve, etc. with similar functions. With the wide application of ball valves and the continuous development of technology, it can be expected that ball valves will have a wider range of uses in the industry in the future. In addition, ball valves will also become one of the dominant valve types in the fields of large and medium caliber, medium and low pressure in other industries. 1. Unique seat sealing structure The fixed ball valve chooses the front sealing structure, the back sealing mechanism or the double sealing structure before the ball and the back according to the different pressure, medium properties and sealing requirements. Ball front sealing structure: The valve seat adopts the ball front sealing design structure, which has the function of two-way sealing and automatic pressure relief in the middle cavity. The sealing seat inlaid with a suitable polymer material (polymer material NYLON, MOLON, DELRIN or PEEK) is floating, it is spring loaded, in the closed position, the sealing surface is always in close contact with the ball to ensure that the valve is in high and low pressure. A leak-free seal can be achieved under any conditions. Upstream: The valve seat moves in the axial direction of the valve, and the upstream (inlet) pressure P applied to the A2 surface generates a directional force on the A1 surface. Since the A2 surface is larger than the A1 surface, A2-A1=X, so the X surface The pressure pushes the seat against the ball to the upstream tight seal. Downstream: Once the pressure Pb in the valve cavity rises, the force acting on the A3 surface is greater than the force on the A4 surface, A3-A4=X2, the pressure difference formed on the X2 surface overcomes the spring force to separate the valve seat from the ball Open, the pressure of the valve cavity is discharged downstream, and then the valve seat is re-tightened with the ball under the action of the spring. Sealing structure behind the ball: The valve seat is formed by the piston effect of the area difference between d and dm. Under the action of the medium in the valve body, the sealing ring of the valve seat is sealed with the close contact surface of the ball. The sealing structure before and after the ball: on the inlet side, the valve seat is formed by the piston effect of the area difference between d and dm. Under the action of the upstream medium, the valve seat sealing ring is sealed in contact with the ball. On the outlet side, the piston effect formed by the area difference between d0 and dm, under the action of the medium pressure in the middle cavity of the valve body, makes the valve seat sealing ring closely contact with the sphere to seal. 2. Automatic pressure relief structure When the pressure in the cavity rises abnormally, the ball valve with a single seal structure has an automatic pressure relief function, while the ball valve with a double seal structure is relieved by an additional pressure relief device on the valve body. 3. Sealed emergency rescue The valve is designed with an auxiliary valve seat emergency sealing system. Once the soft seal is damaged or cannot be sealed in an emergency, emergency sealing can be performed by injecting the corresponding sealant into the auxiliary sealing system. Emergency seals can also be used to flush and lubricate the seat area to keep it clean if necessary. The valve stem is also designed with an auxiliary emergency sealing system. 4. Fireproof structure According to the working conditions and the needs of users, the ball valve can be designed as a fireproof structure. The fire-resistant design of the ball valve complies with the provisions of API607 and JB/T6899 standards. Once a fire occurs and the soft sealing ring is burned, the fire-resistant structure of the ball valve can prevent a large amount of leakage of the medium and prevent the further expansion of the fire. 5. Anti-static structure When the valve is operated, due to the friction between the ball and the valve seat, electrostatic charge will be generated and accumulated on the ball. In order to prevent the generation of static sparks, an anti-static device is specially installed on the valve to export the electric charge accumulated on the sphere. 6. Full diameter structure and reduced diameter structure There are two series of full diameter and reduced diameter. The inner diameter of the channel of the full-bore ball valve is consistent with the inner diameter of the pipeline, which is convenient for pipeline cleaning, while the weight of the reduced-diameter series ball valve is relatively light, and the single-fluid resistance is only about 1/7 of the same diameter globe valve, so the application prospect of the reduced-diameter series ball valve is relatively high. broad. 7. Valve body discharge device According to user requirements or device system requirements, a discharge valve is installed on the valve body of the ball valve. Once both ends of the valve are sealed, the accumulated pressure in the valve cavity can be discharged through the valve body's bleed valve, which has a double block and bleed (DBB) function. Another function of the relief valve of the valve body is to flush and discharge the long-term sludge in the valve body through it. 8. Anti-corrosion The valve body wall thickness is designed with a certain corrosion allowance. The carbon steel valve stem, fixed shaft, ball, valve seat and valve cover are all coated with ASTM B733 and B656 for surface chemical plating. In addition, there are a variety of anti-corrosion materials for users to choose. 9. Extension rod device For buried earth valve, extension device can be provided, which includes extension of valve stem, grease injection valve, drain valve, etc. The above is the explanation of the structure of the ball valve. Perhaps one day, the ball valve technology is enough to replace most of the valves in the valve field and be used by people. Today's understanding of the ball valve structure lets us know that the ball valve is constantly improving, developing,More and more applicable to all aspects. Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd. is a company dedicated to valve development and innovation.
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