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Do you know the difference between gate valve and globe valve?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-23
We can say that gate valve and globe valve are the two most common valves, because they are both shut-off valves. The gate valve is taller than the globe valve, because the rising rod requires a certain space. The tightness of the gate valve is also very strong, mainly through the medium to connect the valve core and the valve seat. The inclination of the valve core of the wedge gate valve is generally 3~6 degrees. When the valve core is forced to close excessively or the temperature changes greatly, it is easy to get stuck. Therefore, high temperature and high pressure wedge gate valves have taken certain measures to prevent the valve core from being stuck in structure. When the gate valve is opened and closed, the valve core and the valve seat sealing surface are always in contact and friction with each other, so the sealing surface is easy to wear, especially when the valve is close to the closed state, the pressure difference between the front and rear of the valve core is large, and the sealing surface wear is even more serious . Compared with the globe valve, the main advantage of the gate valve is that the fluid flow resistance is small, the flow resistance coefficient of the ordinary gate valve is about 0.08~0.12, and the resistance coefficient of the ordinary globe valve is about 3.5~4.5. The opening and closing force is small, and the medium can flow in two directions. The disadvantage is that the structure is complex, the height size is large, and the sealing surface is easy to wear. The sealing surface of the globe valve must be closed by a forced force to achieve sealing. Under the same caliber, working pressure and the same driving device, the driving torque of the globe valve is 2.5~3.5 times that of the gate valve. This point should be paid attention to when adjusting the torque control mechanism of the electric valve. The sealing surfaces of the globe valve are in contact with each other only when they are completely closed. The relative slip between the forcibly closed valve core and the sealing surface is very small, so the wear of the sealing surface is also very small. The wear of the sealing surface of the globe valve is mostly due to the debris before the valve core and the sealing surface, or due to the loose closing state, which causes the high-speed scouring of the medium. When the globe valve is installed, the medium can enter from the bottom of the valve core and enter from the top in two ways. The advantage of the medium entering from below the valve core is that the packing is not under pressure when the valve is closed, which can prolong the service life of the packing, and can replace the packing when the pipeline in front of the valve is under pressure. The disadvantage of the medium entering from the bottom of the valve core is that the driving torque of the valve is large, which is about 1.05~1.08 times that of entering from the top, the axial force on the valve stem is large, and the valve stem is easy to bend. For this reason, the medium entering from the bottom is generally only suitable for small-diameter manual globe valves, and the force of the medium acting on the valve core when the valve is closed is limited to no more than 350kg. The electric globe valve generally adopts the way that the medium enters from above. The disadvantage of media entry from above is just the opposite of that from below. Compared with gate valves, globe valves have the advantages of simple structure, good sealing performance, and convenient manufacturing and maintenance; the disadvantages are large liquid resistance and large opening and closing forces. Gate valves and globe valves are fully open and fully closed valves, which are used to cut off or connect the medium and should not be used as control valves. The use range of globe valve and gate valve is distinguished according to their characteristics, because their characteristics are different, and the range can be better used in life. Therefore, the difference between the two is still very large. Although they are both shut-off valves, they have too many different characteristics.
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