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Do you know the common faults and troubleshooting methods of gas valves?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-10
Valves are widely used in industry, but there is no shortage of failures during use. Once the valve fails, it may affect our work, thereby affecting the work process, and more seriously, it may cause injury and damage the life safety of the staff. What are the common faults? Let's take a look at it together. The gas valve is a new type of safety supporting device for gas pipeline engineering; it is used to cut off, connect and adjust the gas in the pipeline, and has good control characteristics and closing sealing performance; it is suitable for city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, Oxygen and other gas medium pipelines. Gas valves are widely used in urban gas supply network system gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, oxygen and other gas medium pipelines; the driving forms include manual, worm gear drive, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic linkage and other actuators. Remote control and automated operation can be achieved. The gas pipeline is a component that everyone usually encounters. After a long time of use, the valve may have some small problems. At this time, we need to judge and troubleshoot it. Generally, the internal leakage of ball valves is the most common problem of gas pipeline ball valves. There are many reasons for internal leakage of ball valves. First of all, the reasons for internal leakage of the valve during the construction period, such as improper transportation and hoisting, cause the overall damage of the valve and cause internal leakage of the valve; When leaving the factory, the valve has not been dried and treated with anti-corrosion after the water pressure is applied, resulting in the corrosion of the sealing surface and the formation of internal leakage; the protection of the construction site is not in place, the two ends of the valve are not equipped with blind plates, and impurities such as rainwater and sand enter the valve seat, causing Leakage; during installation, grease is not injected into the valve seat, causing impurities to enter the back of the valve seat, or internal leakage caused by burns during welding; the valve is not installed in the fully open position, causing damage to the ball. During welding, if the valve is not fully Open position, welding spatter will cause damage to the sphere. When the ball with welding spatter is switched on and off, it will further cause damage to the valve seat, resulting in internal leakage; welding slag and other construction residues will cause scratches on the sealing surface; delivery or installation time limit Inaccurate positioning will cause leakage, and the valve will leak if the stem drive sleeve or other accessories are assembled at the wrong angle. Sometimes improper pigging causes damage to the sealing surface and causes internal leakage; in addition, there are also long-term unmaintained or inactive valves, which cause valve seats and balls to lock. In many cases, industrial proportional valves such as proportional valves and some special proportional adjustment When the valve is in working state, it will cause seal damage and internal leakage. Many large-diameter ball valves have valve stem stoppers. Debris such as rust, dust, paint, etc. will accumulate between the valve and the valve, which will prevent the valve from rotating into place and cause leakage - if the valve is buried, lengthening the valve stem will generate and fall more rust and debris blocking the valve ball Rotating in place will cause the valve to leak, so it is necessary to clean and unblock the valve regularly. The above are the common faults and troubleshooting methods of gas valves. If you still don’t understand anything, or want to know about other valves, you can consult Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd., and the staff will give you a satisfactory answer. Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd. is a company dedicated to valve innovation and manufacturing, and strives to bring better and more practical valves to everyone.
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