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Diaphragm valve pressure test method

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-09
The structure of the diaphragm valve is very different from that of ordinary valves. It is a new type of valve and a special form of shut-off valve. Its opening and closing part is a diaphragm made of soft The inner cavity of the cover and the driving part are separated, and are now widely used in various fields. Commonly used diaphragm valves include rubber-lined diaphragm valves, fluorine-lined diaphragm valves, unlined diaphragm valves, and plastic diaphragm valves. Diaphragm valve is equipped with a flexible diaphragm or combined diaphragm in the valve body and valve cover, and its closing part is a compression device connected with the diaphragm. The valve seat can be in the shape of a weir or the wall of the straight flow channel. The advantage of the diaphragm valve is that its operating mechanism is separated from the medium passage, which not only ensures the purity of the working medium, but also prevents the possibility of the medium in the pipeline impacting the working parts of the operating mechanism. Additionally, no separate seal of any kind is required at the stem, except as a safety feature in the control of hazardous media. In the diaphragm valve, since the working medium is only in contact with the diaphragm and the valve body, both of which can use a variety of different materials, so the valve can ideally control a variety of working media, especially suitable for chemical corrosive or suspended particles. medium. The operating temperature of the diaphragm valve is usually limited by the materials used for the diaphragm and valve body lining, and its operating temperature range is about -50 to 175 °C. The diaphragm valve has a simple structure and is only composed of three main components: the valve body, the diaphragm and the valve head assembly. The valve is easy to disassemble and repair quickly, and the replacement of the diaphragm can be done on site and in a short time. Diaphragm valve pressure test method: The diaphragm valve strength test introduces the medium from either end, opens the valve flap, and closes the other end. After the test pressure rises to the specified value, it is qualified to see that the valve body and valve cover have no leakage. Then reduce the pressure to the tightness test pressure, close the valve disc, and open the other end for inspection, if there is no leakage, it is qualified.
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