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Design principle and structural characteristics of orbital ball valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-06
The switch has no wear and tear: the ball rotates after deviating from the valve seat, which eliminates the friction with the valve seat and solves the wear problem of the traditional gate valve and plug valve seat. Single seat design: The static single seat of the orbital ball valve can ensure zero leakage in both directions and avoid the problem of pressure rise in the inner cavity of the double seat. Wear-resistant hard sealing surface valve core: The sealing surface of the valve core is surfacing with a layer of hard alloy and polished, which can meet the sealing performance in very harsh media occasions. Double valve stem guide pin: The valve stem guide groove slides along the rigid guide pin to smoothly control the lift and rotation of the valve stem. Mechanical wedging force: The cam slope at the lower end of the valve stem can provide a mechanical wedging force to ensure the continuous abutment force between the valve core and the valve seat. Top Entry Design: After the system is depressurized, inspections and repairs can be performed online, simplifying maintenance. Internal leakage detection: a special device is designed on the valve body, which can detect the internal leakage of the valve online. Low-torque operation: Because the sealing surface of the orbital ball valve has no friction, the rotating torque is small, and the pinion gear can be equipped except for the extra-large size that requires gear outward. Optimum flow characteristics: Both full bore and standard bore have high Cv values, reducing the drag loss along the pipeline and minimizing wear problems. Self-cleaning: When the valve core deviates from the valve seat, the medium can flow 360 degrees along the sealing surface to flush out the impurities in the medium. Injectable sealing grease: maintenance can be carried out during operation, the sealing grease is injected through the grease injector, and the valve is fully controlled to prevent leakage. Long life: Orbital ball valves can replace ordinary ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, and plug valves whose sealing pairs are prone to failure. The unique characteristics of the orbital ball valve can effectively reduce the failure rate of the device and greatly reduce the user's use and maintenance costs.
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