Corrosion-resistant structural features of fluorine-lined globe valve J41F46

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-30
Fluorine-lined ball valve manufacturers see: fluorine-lined straight-through globe valve refers to a valve whose closing member (valve) is driven by the valve stem and moves up and down along the central axis of the valve seat. It is mainly used on the pipeline to connect or cut off the pipeline. medium, but cannot be used for throttling. Fluorine lined globe valve has compact structure, flexible opening and closing, strong corrosion resistance, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical and other pipeline systems to cut off media, but it should be emphasized that fluorine plastic lined globe valve is strictly prohibited for flow regulation. , so as to prevent the high-speed medium flow generated at the orifice from eroding and destroying the sealing surface. The valve disc and the valve stem are designed as a body structure to prevent the possibility of the internal parts rushing out of the valve body due to the fluctuation of the pipeline pressure. The structure is compact and safe to use. The surface is uniformly coated with FEP. The inner surface of the valve body channel is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, the CV value is high, the flow capacity is strong, and the torque is moderate. Zero leakage of media. Product structure: The outer shell of the fluorine-lined DC globe valve adopts investment casting, with high strength and smooth appearance. The parts in contact with the liquid, such as the inner cavity, valve body, valve cover, valve disc, etc. The corrosion-resistant material (fluoroplastic) is used as the lining or cladding material, and the molded lining molding technology is used to make the valve have both the strength and corrosion resistance of metal. The valve seat adopts integral polymer as the sealing material, which has excellent sealing performance in a wide temperature and pressure range; the opening and closing parts (valve disc) are driven by the valve stem and move up and down along the central axis of the valve seat. On the pipeline, it is mainly used to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline, but it cannot be used for throttling. Product application: Fluorine-lined globe valve is suitable for various concentrations of aqua regia, flowing acid, hydrochloric acid, qing hydrofluoric acid and various organic acids, strong acids and strong oxidants at -50℃~150℃. Alkali organic solvents and other corrosive gases and liquid medium pipelines. The fluorine-lined globe valve is used to control corrosive or strong corrosive media. The surface of the valve body is covered with various fluoroplastics. It is suitable for different working temperatures and fluid pipelines. It has the characteristics of high strength and good corrosion resistance. . Structural features: 1. Compared with the gate valve, the globe valve has a simpler structure and is more convenient to manufacture and maintain. 2. The sealing surface is not easy to be worn and scratched, with good sealing performance and long service life. 3. When opening and closing, the valve flap travel is small, the opening and closing time is short, and the valve height is small. 4. The valve disc and valve stem are designed as a single body structure, which is compact and safe to use. 5. There are three structural forms of globe valve: straight-through type, direct-current type, and angle type. Among them, the straight-through type is commonly used, and the angle type can be installed at the corner of the pipeline system. The DC-type flow resistance is the smallest in the globe valve. 6. Pneumatic and electric devices can be configured according to user needs to meet the needs of remote control and program control. 7. The lining material of replacement parts can be applied to various media. Technical Specifications: Design and Manufacturing: GB/T12235 Structure Length: GB12221, HG/T3704-2003 Flange Size: GB/T9113.1-2000, ANSI B16.5a Structure: Straight, DC, Angle Drive: Manual, Pneumatic and electric nominal pressure: 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 2.5Mpa, Class150, JIS10K pressure test: GB/T13927-92, API598 Part material: serial number Part name Steel ZCPRPLRL1 Body/Bonnet HT250WCBCF8CF8MCF3CF3M2 Ball/Stem 252Cr131Cr18Ni91Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti00Cr18Ni1000Cr17Ni14Mo23 Lining/Seat PCTEF(F3), FEP(F46), PFA(Soluble F4), PP, PO4 Packing Gland PTFE(F4)6 Joint Bolt 351Cr17Ni21Cr17Ni27 Stem Nut ZCuAl10Fe3ZCuAl10Fe3ZCuAl10Fe38 Fastening Bolt 351Cr17Ni21Cr18Ni9Ti9 Nut 450Cr18Ni90Cr18Ni910 Handle WCBWCBWCB
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