Correctly install the fluorine-lined valve to ensure the sealing performance

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-09
Correctly install the fluorine-lined valve to ensure the sealing performance 1. When the fluorine-lined valve is installed, if the sealing surface of the pipe flange connected to the sealing surface of the fluorine plastic lining at both ends of the valve is metal, a fluorine plastic sealing gasket must be added. The flange sealing surface connected to it shall be as shown in Figure A. Otherwise, the valve sealing surface will be damaged prematurely and leakage will occur. 2. When installing, try to install it horizontally, with the valve stem facing up. To prevent the valve from skewing. The valve should be installed in the natural state. Beware of the large installation stress of the valve due to pipelines and supports. The handwheel cannot be used to lift the valve during installation and lifting. 3. If the pipeline has enough strength to bear the weight and operating torque of the valve, it is not necessary to provide support for this valve, otherwise, it is necessary to set up a special support point for the fluorine-lined valve. 4. When installing, pay attention to check whether the valve marks (such as valve type, nominal diameter, pressure level, material, etc.) are in line with the requirements of use, and whether the flow direction mark on the shell is consistent with the flow direction of the pipeline. 5. After installation, the valve must be in the fully open position when the system or pipeline is pressure tested. The effect of desalinated water medium on fluorine-lined valves The desalted water medium contains low concentrations of acid or alkali, which are more corrosive to rubber. The corrosion of rubber is manifested as expansion, aging, and low strength. Butterfly valve and diaphragm valve with rubber lining have poor use effect. The essence is that rubber is not resistant to corrosion. The rubber-lined diaphragm valve has been improved to a fluorine-lined diaphragm valve with good corrosion resistance, but the diaphragm of the fluorine-lined diaphragm valve cannot withstand being folded up and down and is broken, causing mechanical damage and shortening the life of the valve. The best way now is to use a special ball valve for water treatment, which can be used for 5 to 8 years.
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