Correct operation method of manual valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-28
Manual valve is a kind of valve commonly used in equipment and devices, which is operated by handle and handwheel. Under normal circumstances, the clockwise rotation of the handle and handwheel is specified as the closing direction, and the counterclockwise rotation is specified as the opening direction. However, the opening and closing direction of some valves is opposite to the above. Before operating, you should pay attention to checking the opening and closing signs before operating. Manual valve, the size of its handle and hand wheel is designed according to normal human. Therefore, it is stipulated in the use of the valve: the operator is not allowed to open and close the valve with the help of a lever and a long wrench. At the same time, if the length of the handle and the diameter of the handwheel are less than 320mm, only one person is allowed to operate; the handwheel with a diameter equal to or more than 320mm is allowed to be operated by two people, or one person is allowed to operate with an appropriate lever (generally the length does not exceed 0.5m). However, diaphragm valves and non-metallic valves are strictly forbidden to be operated with levers or long wrenches, and it is not allowed to close the valve with excessive or excessive force. Some operators are accustomed to using levers and long wrenches to operate manual valves, thinking that the greater the closing force, the better, but this is not the case. This can lead to premature valve damage and even an accident. Practice has proved that, except for the impact handwheel, operating the valve too large or too violently will easily damage the handwheel, handle, scratch the valve stem and sealing surface, and even crush the sealing surface. Secondly, when the handwheel and handle are damaged or lost, they should be assembled in time, and an adjustable wrench is not allowed to be used instead. Valves such as gate valves and globe valves should be turned 1/4~1/2 turn when they are closed or opened to the end (i.e. bottom dead center or top dead center), so as to make the thread fit better, so as to facilitate inspection during operation, so as not to screw Overtightening will damage the valve. Larger diameter butterfly valves, gate valves and globe valves, and some are equipped with bypass valves. The function of the bypass valve is to balance the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet and reduce the opening torque. When opening, the bypass valve should be opened first, and then the large valve should be opened. Before opening the steam valve, the pipeline must be preheated to discharge the condensed water. Open slowly to avoid water hammer and damage to valves and equipment. When opening and closing ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves, when the groove on the top surface of the valve stem is parallel to the channel, it indicates the fully open position of the valve; when the valve stem is rotated 90 degrees to the left or right, and the groove is perpendicular to the channel, Indicates that the valve is in the fully closed position. Some ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves are opened with the wrench parallel to the channel, and closed vertically. The operation of the three-way and four-way valves should be carried out according to the marks of opening, closing and reversing, and the movable handle should be removed after the operation. For gate valves and throttle valves with marked cores, check and adjust the fully open or fully closed indicating position. The rising stem gate valve and globe valve should also be fully opened and fully closed, so as to avoid hitting the dead point when fully opened. When the valve is fully closed, it can be found with the help of the ruler and mark that the closing piece falls off or resists foreign objects, so as to troubleshoot. The newly installed pipes and equipment have a lot of dirt and welding slag on the inside. The normally open manual valve sealing surface is easy to stick to dirt, use the slightly open method to let the high-speed medium wash away these foreign objects, and then gently close. After some manual valves are closed, the temperature drops and the valve parts shrink, causing small gaps on the sealing surface and leakage. This should be closed again at an appropriate time after closing. Whether the valve is operated correctly or not directly affects the service life of the valve.
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