Construction requirements for installing valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-16
The quality of valve installation directly affects its use, so you must pay attention and carefully follow the instructions for installation. Installation and construction must be careful, avoid hitting the valve made of brittle material. Before installation, the valve should be inspected to check the specifications and models to identify whether there is damage, especially for the valve stem. Turn it a few times to see if it is skewed, because during transportation, the valve stem is most likely to be skewed. Also remove debris from the valve. When the valve is lifted, the rope should not be tied to the handwheel or valve stem to avoid damage to these parts, and should be tied to the flange. For the pipeline connected to the valve, be sure to clean it. Compressed air can be used to blow off iron oxide filings, mud sand, welding slag and other debris. These debris not only easily scratch the sealing surface of the valve, but also block the small valve and make it invalid. When installing the screw valve, the sealing packing (line hemp plus lead oil or PTFE raw material tape) should be wrapped on the pipe thread, and do not get into the valve, so as not to accumulate in the valve and affect the flow of the medium. When installing flanged valves, pay attention to tightening the bolts symmetrically and evenly. The valve flange and the pipe flange must be parallel with a reasonable gap to avoid excessive pressure or even cracking of the valve. Special attention should be paid to brittle materials and valves with low strength. Valves that must be welded to the pipe should be spot welded first, then the closing parts should be fully opened, and then welded to death.
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