Confirm the preparation of the fluorine-lined ball valve before installation

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-20
Confirm the preparations for the fluorine-lined ball valve before installation 1. Ensure that the pipeline at the installation position of the fluorine-lined ball valve is coaxial, and the two flanges on the pipeline should be kept parallel to confirm that the pipeline can bear the weight of the ball valve itself. If it is found that the pipeline cannot bear the weight of the ball valve , the pipeline is equipped with corresponding support before installation. 2. To confirm whether there are impurities, welding slag, etc. in the pipeline, the pipeline must be cleaned. 3. Check the nameplate of the fluorine-lined ball valve, and perform the full-opening and full-closing operation of the ball valve several times to confirm that the valve can work normally, and then comprehensively check the details of the valve to ensure that the valve is intact. 4. Remove the protective cover at both ends of the valve, check whether the valve body is clean, and clean the valve body cavity. Since the sealing surface of the fluorine-lined ball valve is spherical, even small debris may cause damage to the sealing surface.
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