Classification of functions and uses of valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-18
1) Cut-off type: such as gate valve, globe valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, needle valve, diaphragm valve, etc. The cut-off valve is also called a closed-circuit valve and a globe valve, and its function is to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline. (2) Check type: such as check valve, check valve is also known as one-way valve or check valve, check valve is an automatic valve, its function is to prevent the backflow of the medium in the pipeline, prevent the pump and drive motor Inversion, and leakage of container medium. The bottom valve of the water pump suction valve also belongs to the check valve category. (3) Safety category: such as safety valve, explosion-proof valve, accident valve, etc. The function of the safety valve is to prevent the medium pressure in the pipeline or device from exceeding the specified value, so as to achieve the purpose of safety protection. (4) Adjustment type: such as control valve, throttle valve and pressure reducing valve, its function is to adjust the pressure, flow and other parameters of the medium. (5) Diversion type: such as distribution valve, three-way valve, steam trap. Its function is to distribute, separate or mix the medium in the pipeline. (6) Special purpose categories: such as pigging valves, venting valves, blowdown valves, exhaust valves, filters, etc. The exhaust valve is an indispensable auxiliary component in the pipeline system, and is widely used in boilers, air conditioners, oil and gas, water supply and drainage pipelines. It is often installed at the commanding heights or elbows, etc., to remove excess gas in the pipeline, improve the efficiency of the pipeline and reduce energy consumption.
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