Classification, application and use instructions of fluorine-lined valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-01
Classification, application and use instructions of fluorine-lined valves Application and use of fluorine-lined valves Fluorine-lined valve products include rubber-lined globe valves, rubber-lined ball valves, etc. The manufacturing technology includes the formulation of adhesives and their production processes. The adhesive can make the lining glue have a strong affinity with the pipe wall, and has the advantages of good resistance to dust, anti-scaling performance, and long service life. In order to make the valve have both the strength of metal and the characteristics of corrosion resistance. Fluorine lined valve classification: Fluorine lined valve is divided into: pipe pinch valve, lined diaphragm valve, lined pneumatic butterfly valve lined ball valve, lined check valve, lined fluorine globe valve, lined plug valve, lined wedge gate valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, ball valve , swing type, ball core check valve, pneumatic rubber-lined, fluorine-lined plastic diaphragm valve (normally closed), DC rubber-lined diaphragm valve, packing type adjustable fluorine-lined plastic butterfly valve, fluorine-lined plastic globe valve, etc. Application and use of fluorine-lined valves: With the rapid development of modern industry, fluorine-lined valves and their various pipeline accessories have been rapidly applied and promoted in various fields such as petroleum, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, etc., showing strong vitality. The preferred project in the project has attracted great attention and favor from various engineering design units and construction units, and is a sunrise product with great market potential. The fluorine-lined valve has dual functions of switch and flow adjustment, which can easily open and close the gas circuit without affecting the flow, ensuring the repeatability of the flow. It starts slowly, reducing the impact of instantaneous pipeline pressure on the instrument. Quite a damper is added, which greatly increases the service life of the needle valve. Fluorine-lined valves are specially used to control corrosive or strong corrosive media. The surface of the valve body cavity is covered with various fluoroplastics, which are suitable for different working temperatures and fluid pipelines, and have the characteristics of high strength and good corrosion resistance. Introduction of fluorine-lined valve: Fluorine-lined valve, also known as fluoroplastic lined corrosion-resistant valve, is made of PTFE resin (or profile processed) placed on steel or iron valve pressure-bearing parts by molding (or inlay) method. The inner wall (the same method is suitable for the lining of various pressure vessels and pipeline accessories) or the outer surface of the valve internals, using its unique properties in resisting strong corrosive media to make various valves and pressure vessels. The fluorine-lined valve adopts the lining process for all the places where the medium in the valve body can reach. The lining material is generally made of fluoroplastics such as FEP (F46) and PCTFE (F3), which can be applied to various concentrations of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and hydrofluoric acid. , aqua regia and various organic acids, rotor pump strong acid, strong oxidant and other corrosive media pipelines, but the fluorine-lined valve is relatively limited by temperature (only applicable to the medium between -50℃~150℃) , The valves that can be lined with fluorine plastics are: fluorine-lined butterfly valve, fluorine-lined ball valve, fluorine-lined globe valve, fluorine-lined diaphragm valve, fluorine-lined gate valve, fluorine-lined plug valve, etc.
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