CKD solenoid valve working principle

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-18
The CKD solenoid valve is an automatic basic component used to control the direction of the fluid, which belongs to the actuator; it is usually used in mechanical control and industrial valves to control the direction of the medium, so as to control the valve switch. Working principle The solenoid valve has a closed cavity with through holes in different positions, each of which leads to a different oil pipe. The middle of the cavity is the valve, and the two sides are two electromagnets. Which side is attracted to, by controlling the movement of the valve body to block or leak different oil discharge holes, and the oil inlet hole is normally open, the hydraulic oil will enter different oil discharge pipes, and then push the oil cylinder through the pressure of the oil The piston drives the piston rod, and the piston rod drives the mechanical device to move. In this way, the mechanical movement is controlled by controlling the current on and off of the electromagnet.
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