Chinese-English comparison table of valve technical terminology

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-27
1. Valve Type Terms Angle Stop Valves Angle Throttle Valves Angle Type Globe Valves Angle Type Globe Valves Angle Type Globe Valves Butterfly Type Non-slam Check Butterfly Type Non-slam Check Butterfly Valves with Gear Actuator Worm Gear Drive Butterfly Valve Cock II PassCQ Thread Ball ValvesCQ Thread Ball ValvesDiaphragm ValvesDiaphragm ValvesDouble Disc Flat Gate ValvesDouble Disk Parallel Gate ValvesRising Stem Parallel Double Gate ValvesDouble Opening Exhaust ValvesDouble Exhaust BallElectric Actuated Stop ValvesElectric Actuated Stop Valves ValvesElectric Actuated Wedge Gate ValvesElectric Wedge Gate ValvesElectric Double Disk Parallel Gate ValvesElectric Double Disk Parallel Gate ValvesEmergeny Cut-off ValvesEmergency Cut-off ValvesFree Float Type Steam TrapFlange Ball ValvesFlange Gate ValvesFlange Gate ValvesFlange Globe ValvesFlange Globe ValvesGauge ValvesInstrument ValvesHard Seal Butterfly ValvesMetal Seal Butterfly ValvesHigh Temperature Pressure Power Station Gate ValvesHigh Temperature Pressure Power Station Globe ValvesHigh Temperature Pressure Power Station Globe ValvesLift Check ValvesLift Check Valves Lining Ball Valves Lining Ball Valves Lining Butterfly Valves Lining Butterfly Valves Lining Check Valves Lining Check Valves Lining Cock Lining 2-Way Lining Globe Valves Lining Globe Valves Lining T-Cock Valves Lining 3-Way Plug ValvesLiquid Indicator Level GaugeLPG Pipe Fitting LPG FittingsMagnetic Co-operate Globe ValvesMagnetism Forle PumpsMagnetic PumpsManual Oil Pumps ValvesHand Oil Pumps (Valves)Meter Needle Type Globe ValvesInstrumentation Needle Globe ValvesOblique Stop ValvesDC Globe ValveParallesl Slide ValvesSlurry ValvesPiping Centrifugal PumpsPiping Centrifugal PumpsPiping PumpsPiping Safety ValvesPiping Safety Valves ValvesPlunger Globe ValvesPlunger Globe ValvesQuick Draining ValvesQuick Draining ValvesRestrictor ValvesOverflow Valves (or Throttle Valves)Safety ValvesSafety ValvesScrew PumpsScrew PumpsScum Gate ValvesSlag Discharge Gate ValvesSingle Disc Flat Gate ValvesSingle Disc Flat Gate ValvesSingle Opening Exhaust ValvesSingle Port Exhaust BallSlurry PumpsSlurry PumpsStop ValvesStop ValvesStrainer FiltersSubmerged Motor PumpsSubmersible Electric Pumps (Sewage Pumps)Swing Check ValvesSwing Check ValvesSwing Check ValvesTank Lorry Ball Valves TankerBall ValveT-CockThree-WayThin Gate ValvesThin Gate ValvesThrottle ValvesThrottle ValvesTiny Drag Slow Shut Check ValvesMicro-resistance Slow-Closing Check ValvesUnder Water PumpsSubmerged PumpsVacuum PumpsHydraulic Ejectors (Vacuum Pumps)Vertical Lift Check ValvesVertical Lift Check Valves Wafer Check Valves Wafer Type Butterfly Valves with Rubber Itning Wafer Type Butterfly Valves with Rubber Itning FiltersY Type Cartridge Filter 2. Parts Terminology Axes Guide Bushing Ball Ball, Ball Core Ball Seat Sealing Ring Blowdown Sealing Face Opening, Valve Sealing Surface Body Body Bonnet Bonnet Disc Disc Mut Nut Screw Bolt Sealing Seal Spring Spring Stem Stem Stem Mut Stem nutStem sealPackingWedge DiscRamp3.PerformanceTermApplicable mediaApplicable mediaApplicable tempureApplicable temperatureButt ClampChemical anaiysisChemical compositionConnecting formatDouble discDouble discFlexible discElastic gateFlange Hoop clamp Inside thereadMaterial chemical analysis and mechanical capacityMaterialsMaterials for main partsMaterialsMechanical capacityMax. Discharging CapacityMax. Operating TemperatureMax. Allowable TemperatureMax. .Allowable PressureMaximum allowable pressureModelModelName of partsNominal PressureNominal PressureOutside thereadOutside threadOxidantOxidizing mediumParalletParallelReductantReducing mediumRising stemRising stemSeat testing pressurePressureGas sealing test pressureSocket ferruleSpecificationsPerformance SpecificationSingle discSingle gate Solid rigid Strengh testing pressure Strength test pressure Steam , condensate steam, condensate Water, oil, steam water, temperature, gas Wedge Welding Welding 4. Material term Buna-N rubber Casting aluminium brass BrassCasting aluminium bronzeCHR rubberChrominm-molybdenum-vanadium steelChromium stainless steelChromium-molybdenum steelCorrugation padCuprum alloyCopper alloyDuctile Cast ironductile ironExpanded graphite Flexible Graphite Fine Steel Casting ir onHigh-quality carbon steelFluorous rubberGray Cast ironGray cast ironHayne's alloyCobalt-chromium-tungsten alloyHigh tem perature steelLow tem perature steelNylonNylon PlasticPolytetrafluoroethylenePure aluminumPure aluminumPure cupperPure copperRubbeer graphite boardRubberGraphite plateSpring steelSpring steelStainless acid-resisting steelStainless and GraphiteStainless and GraphiteStainless steel/graphiteStainless steelSteel Casting ironCarbon steel castingShell Test PressureShell Test PressureService FluidWorking medium
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