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Brief introduction and performance characteristics of balance valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-13
In some industries, because some flowing media work in the pipeline, it will cause unbalanced pressure to the pipeline. In order to balance the pressure or reduce the pressure difference between them, the staff will use a balance valve, which is installed in the pipeline. Or easy to work in between. The balance valve is used to adjust the relative balance of the pressure on both sides, or to achieve the balance of flow through the method of shunt, the valve is called a balance valve. The balance valve is a valve that performs dynamic and static balance adjustment under hydraulic conditions. Balancing valves can be divided into three types: static balancing valves, dynamic balancing valves and differential pressure independent balancing valves. Static balance valve is also known as balance valve, manual balance valve, digital lock balance valve, two-position control valve, etc. It is changed by changing the gap (opening degree) between the valve core and the valve seat and adjusting the Kv (valve flow capacity) of the valve. The flow resistance flowing through the valve is to achieve the purpose of adjusting the flow. The object of its action is the resistance of the system, eliminating the phenomenon of unbalanced resistance in the system, so that the new water can be distributed in a balanced proportion according to the design calculation, and each branch will be proportional at the same time. increase or decrease. The application of static balance valve in the system can be used in: main pipe, riser pipe, horizontal branch pipe and end, etc., the effect is equivalent to the same process pipe. Principle The principle of the balancing valve is the inverse adjustment in the valve body. When the pressure at the inlet increases, the diameter will be automatically reduced to reduce the change of flow, and vice versa. If reversed, this adjustment system will not work. Moreover, the valve plate that plays the role of adjustment is directional, and the reverse pressure can even reduce or even close the flow. Since the installation of the balance valve is for better heating, there is no problem of reverse installation. If it is the reverse, it is a human error, and of course it will be corrected. The balance valve belongs to the category of regulating valve. Its working principle is to change the flow resistance of the fluid flowing through the valve by changing the gap between the valve core and the valve seat (ie, the opening), so as to achieve the purpose of regulating the flow. Performance characteristics 1. Ideal adjustment performance; 2. Excellent cut-off function; 3. Open state display accurate to 1/10 turn; 4. The theoretical flow characteristic curve is an equal percentage characteristic curve; 5. National patent type opening and closing locking device ; 6. There is a certain flow coefficient corresponding to each whole circle. As long as the pressure difference between the two ends of the valve is measured during debugging, the flow through the valve can be easily calculated; 7. PTFE and silicone seal, sealing performance Reliable; 8. The internal components are made of YICr18Ni9 or copper alloy, which has strong corrosion resistance and long service life; 9. The inner lift valve stem does not need to reserve operating space. 10. It is a combination valve. Among them, the ZLF self-balancing valve is a valve that uses the pressure change of the medium itself to control itself, so as to keep the flow through the controlled system unchanged. It has flow indication and can be adjusted online. It is suitable for heating and air conditioning. Systems and other non-corrosive media. A one-time test adjustment before operation can make the system flow automatically set to the preset setting, the valve flow adjustment is accurate, the operation is simple, the operation is stable, the performance is reliable, and the service life is long. The above is my introduction to the balance valve and the characteristics of the balance valve. Lianke Valve Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to valve innovation and manufacturing. In the spirit of innovation, it provides better services for everyone in the valve. If you don't understand anything about the balance valve, please come to the company's website for consultation.
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