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Basic knowledge of fluorine-lined ball valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-27
A lot of types of ball valves have been introduced before, but the key fluorine-lined ball valves have not been introduced to you. This time, we have prepared some basic knowledge about fluorine-lined ball valves. The fluorine-lined ball valve is opened and closed by a ball with a circular through hole, and the valve is opened and closed by rotating the ball along the center line of the valve. The special compression molding process is adopted to make the sealing surface dense and good, the V-type PTFE packing combination, and the valve has zero leakage. The ball and the valve disc are cast in one piece, which eliminates the possibility of the valve rod escaping from the pressure component due to the change of pressure, and basically guarantees the safety in use. All-plastic lining technology is adopted, which is resistant to the strong corrosion of the medium. Features of fluorine-lined ball valve: 1. It adopts fluorine plastic bottom ball valve, which has extremely high chemical stability and is suitable for any strong corrosive chemical medium. 2. It adopts the structure of all-pass floating ball valve to carry out the original leakage in the whole pressure range, and carry out ball sweeping and pipeline maintenance through the pipeline system. The structure of fluorine-lined ball valve is full-bore floating ball type (two-stage type) and full-bore fixed ball type (three-stage type) (small diameter is two-piece type, large diameter is three-piece type), mainly used for cutting off or connecting Compared with other valves, it has the following characteristics: 1. The fluid resistance is small, the inner wall of the lined ball valve is smooth, and the flow channel is unobstructed. The smallest one. 2. The switch is quick and convenient, just rotate the sphere 90° to complete the account opening and closing. 3. The ball is integrated with the valve stem, which eliminates the difference in rotation angle, eliminates the danger of the valve stem rushing out of the body due to pressure changes, and ensures the safety and reliability of use. This is the fluorine-lined ball valve. Do you know anything about it? If you have any questions or need to buy it, you can consult Lianke Valve Co., Ltd., contact: +86-577-8585 9626.
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