Since 1982, Lianke valve has been committed to solving the problem of solid-liquid fluid control valve,and our full range of pinch valve solve this problem.

1-Power generation industry


Lime and ash treatment is a thorny problem in power plant. The rubber pipe of the Butler valve of UNOCI valve scales, does not stick, does not block or coagulate in the mud.


A-Lime wet scrubber system   /  B-FGD system   /  C-Ash removal system   /  D-Coal conveying device   /  E-Bottom ash handingF- mud

2-Mining and metal smelting

The pinch valve of Lainke valve is simple in structure but durable, becoming the first choice valve for abrasive mud valve.Simple design, easy maintenance and low cost.

A - Lime feeding system   /  B- Flotation cell   /  C-Solid separation   /  D- TailingsE- Coal washing

3-Paper mill


Pulp storage, pulp coating and recycled paper lines are some of the most difficult valve applications in pulp mills.The rubber pipe of the pinch valve of Lianke valve can be manufactured according to the customer requirements and can withstand abrasion of the medium.


A-Cyclone discharge   /  B-Pulp storage   /  C- Coating   /  D- Lime slurry   /  E- Deinking

4-Sewage treatment plant


Two-way flow, two-way sealing and zero leakage make the pinch valve of Lianke valve the ideal product.


A- Gravel system   /  B-Lime control   /  C-Polymer feeding system   /  D - Sewage and sludge control   /  E-Flow control


5-The chemical industry


In many corrosive media applications, chemical plants also need to use the pinch valve of Lianke valve


A-Titanium dioxide   /  B-Industrial treatment   /  C-Slurry, chemicals   /  D- Powder



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