Application of fluorine-plastic bellows regulating valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-16
The use of fluoroplastic rippling tube regulating valve 1, regulating valve. The advanced nature of the fluoroplastic-lined process ensures the firmness of the corrosion-resistant quality of the fluoroplastic-lined control valve. Fluoroplastic-lined regulating valve, the firmness of corrosion resistance, the key is the quality of the fluoroplastic-lined. Because fluoroplastic is not a corrosion-resistant material that can indeed resist all weak corrosive media such as acids and alkalis, how to cover the fluoroplastics in every part of the valve contacting medium can be directly closed to the fluoroplastic-lined solenoid valve. Quality, if the fluoroplastic lining process is not well controlled, the fluoroplastic lining has bubbles, no cracks, and the thin fertilizer is not uniform, which will affect the corrosion resistance and service life of the fluoroplastic regulating valve. 2. Flow characteristics of electric control valve. The production of the valve core of the fluorine-plastic rippling tube electric regulating valve is reduced, and the skeleton of the valve core is made with a stainless steel car, and then a special mold is used to use low-pressure injection agronomic lining with fluorine plastic, and then it is tested and ordered by the flow quality. The spool template is inserted into the straight line of the stop and cut spool, thus ensuring the flow characteristics of the regulating valve. 3. Teflon rippling tube thin opening, not only resistant to degeneration, but also relative to thin opening. The fluorine-plastic-lined regulating valve adopts the thin sealing of PTFE bellows. In this way, when the valve is resistant to corrosion, it is also relatively sealed. This is an innovation. The veterans all know that the traditional regulating valve is digging material at the stem. There is no such a common problem in escutcheons, that is, due to the blockade of the valve, the closing of the valve stem for a short period of time, and the grinding of the valve stem to take the excavated material, it is easy to cause leakage, which hinders the passage of ordinary media. However, it is a fatal injury to the drying equipment and the valve used in the weak corrosive medium. The medium leaks in, corrodes the valve, and even corrodes other equipment and conditions. If the valve is used under the highly toxic medium such as chlorine gas, it is closed to the safety of the personnel. And the PTFE bellows do not use PTFE powder to warm and crush the shape first, and then use the setting turning tool to rough turn and fail. Therefore, this kind of fluorine-plastic bellows sealing control valve can not only be used for strong corrosive media, but also And can be used in highly toxic gases and other media. 4, gate valve. Solution: 1. Since the process of lining with fluorine plastics is adopted, all parts of the valve contacting medium are lined with fluorine plastics, which solves the problems of acid and alkali resistance and weak corrosion resistance of the valve. , Hastelloy and other valves made of high nickel and gold materials, I think about whether other slave-controlled valves, agronomic valves (such as ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, etc.) can also create their own production processes, so that Fluoroplastic lined anti-fall valve forms de-serialization. 2. Since the lining of the valve with fluorine plastic lined the part that contacts the medium, it can effectively solve the problem of corrosion resistance of the valve. There are many grades of fluorine plastic, no PTEF, FEP, ETFE, CTFE, PFA, etc., and it is used as a valve after the class. The lining is not FEP (F46), but the temperature of the medium used for this type of fluoroplastic is about 150℃. It is understood that if the fluoroplastic lining of the PFA brand can be used, the temperature of the medium used can reach 200℃ Right and left, if the aluminum alloy elevator can be lined with various grades of fluoroplastics according to various application conditions of the user, the corrosion-resistant pneumatic diaphragm pump door of the fluoroplastic lining will be more widely used. Sorry, your account has been blocked because you declared a suspected illegal work in the online trouble album. During the initial period of being blocked, others have no choice but to visit your album. Come to help the center and learn how to get back into revival service.
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