Analysis of the Structure of Metal Hard Seal Butterfly Valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-12
After the reform and opening up, my country's valve industry is thriving, and butterfly valves have also been favored by many application fields. In the past, ordinary butterfly valves have been difficult to meet more severe application environments and stricter performance requirements. With the wide application of butterfly valves, the requirements for butterfly valves are also more stringent. Ordinary soft-seal butterfly valves can no longer adapt to high temperature and high pressure conditions, while metal hard seal butterfly valves have been widely used in high temperature and high pressure, wear and corrosion conditions. And it is widely used in the control of steam, gas, hot air and corrosive media, and its market demand is increasing year by year. Taking the metal hard-sealed butterfly valve of the three-eccentric butterfly valve of the hard-sealed butterfly valve as the research object, its structure and force are simply analyzed, and the calculation formulas of the technical parameters of the main sections of the butterfly valve disc and the calculation formulas of the eccentric values ​​of the butterfly valve are summarized; And through theoretical analysis, the friction torque and sealing torque are analyzed. Through the obtained parameters, the numerical simulation analysis model of the 600Ds343H bidirectional multi-layer hard-sealed butterfly valve is established, and the force and flow field of the 600Ds343H bidirectional multi-layer hard-sealed butterfly valve are analyzed by ANSYS finite element software. Reasonable.
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