Analysis of the current situation of the fluorine-lined diaphragm valve market

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-30
The development of the valve industry is getting faster and faster. As an important member of the valve industry, the fluorine-lined diaphragm valve is also in a very favorable period of development. With the adjustment of the country's industrial structure and the emergence of the trend that China has gradually become the world's largest processing factory, the processing and production of valve products is facing greater development space. As representatives of anti-corrosion valves, fluorine-lined diaphragm valves and rubber-lined diaphragm valves are widely used in various fields. The three-eccentric two-way metal hard-sealed butterfly valve is one of the hazards of the valve and pipeline equipment due to the corrosive medium, which can damage the equipment at light level, and cause accidents or disasters at worst. Therefore, anti-corrosion valves (rubber-lined diaphragm valve, fluorine-lined diaphragm valve) play an important role in the fluid transportation process. The market demand for fluorine-lined diaphragm valves has also continued to rise. In the case of a bright market prospect, there are still drawbacks in the fluorine-lined diaphragm valve industry; the main reason is the vicious competition in the market. The material of the product is based on the weight of the product, and the purpose of reducing the cost is achieved by 'illegal means', so that it can gain an advantage in the price competition. This will definitely do more harm than good for the long-term development of the company. Fluorine-lined diaphragm valve: The fluorine-lined diaphragm valve is a special form of shut-off valve that appeared in the 1920s. Its opening and closing part is a diaphragm made of soft material, which separates the inner cavity of the valve body from the inner cavity of the valve cover and the driving parts, so it is called a diaphragm valve. Features: 1. The big difference between the fluorine-lined flanged diaphragm valve and other valves is that it adopts a structure without stuffing box; the corrosive medium in the flow channel can be completely isolated from all driving parts, thus eliminating the common valve failure. 'Running, running, dripping, leaking' and other drawbacks. 2. Because the flow channel of the diaphragm valve is smooth and the flow resistance is small, a large flow rate can be obtained. 3. The valve body cavity of the fluorine-lined flange diaphragm valve is lined with perfluorinated F46. Therefore, it has excellent corrosion resistance characteristics. 4. Because the seal is an elastic tetrafluoro diaphragm. Therefore, it also has better sealing and small closing force. 5. The valve is composed of valve body, valve cover, valve disc, valve stem, diaphragm and other driving parts. 6. The opening and closing of the valve is achieved by rotating the handwheel. The upper end of the valve cover is marked with a display color indicating the opening or closing position of the valve to indicate the opening and closing stroke of the valve. When the handwheel is placed clockwise, the handwheel will move down, and the valve flap will drive the diaphragm down to cut off the passage; otherwise, the valve will be opened, and the color will be revealed. Uses: Fluorine-lined diaphragm valves are widely used in chemical industry, acid production, alkali production, smelting, rare earth, pesticides, dyes, medicine, papermaking, electroplating, electrolysis, pickling, radio, chemical foil, scientific research institutions, defense industry and other industries. Strong corrosive medium under conditions, and can replace expensive rare metal valve.
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