Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of electric actuators

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-10
In the matching use of valves, electric actuators are often used together. According to customer requirements, ordinary on-off, intelligent adjustment, and mine-specific explosion-proof actuators can also be selected. In use, electric valves are used. There are advantages and disadvantages. Today, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of electric actuators. Electric actuators are mainly used in power plants or nuclear power plants, because a smooth, stable and slow process is required in high pressure water systems. The main advantages of electric actuators are high stability and constant thrust that can be applied by users. The thrust generated by the maximum actuator can be as high as 225,000kgf. Only hydraulic actuators can achieve such a large thrust, but the cost of hydraulic actuators is higher than that of electric actuators. much higher. The anti-deviation ability of the electric actuator is very good, and the output thrust or torque is basically constant, which can well overcome the unbalanced force of the medium and achieve accurate control of the process parameters, so the control accuracy is higher than that of the pneumatic actuator. high. If it is equipped with a servo amplifier, it is easy to realize the exchange of positive and negative effects, and it is also possible to easily set the status of the off-signal valve position (hold / fully open / fully closed), and in the event of a fault, it must stay in the original position, which is Pneumatic actuators cannot do it, and pneumatic actuators must be kept in place with the help of a combined protection system. The main disadvantages of electric actuators are: the structure is more complex and more prone to failure, and because of its complexity, the technical requirements for on-site maintenance personnel are relatively higher; the motor operation generates heat, and if the pneumatic ball valve is adjusted too frequently, It is easy to cause overheating of the motor, resulting in thermal protection, and at the same time, it will increase the wear of the reduction gear; in addition, the operation is slow, and it takes a long time to output a signal from the regulator to the response of the regulating valve to the corresponding position. , this is where it is inferior to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.
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