Analysis of easy damage of fluorine-lined ball valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-21
Analysis of Fluorine-lined Ball Valves Easily Damaged Fluorine-lined ball valves are the most widely used in the valve industry. Due to their good airtightness, safety, low resistance, and strong flow capacity, fluorine-lined ball valves will inevitably appear during use. If it is damaged, there will be problems such as insertion, bumping, and squeezing during the switching process. The fluorine-lined ball valve is easy to make the atoms of the two sealing surfaces penetrate into each other under the action of high pressure, resulting in adhesion phenomenon; if the two surfaces are moved, there will be adhesion and tearing, especially when the surface of the sealing surface is rough, the easier it is occur. If the fluorine-lined ball valve is bumped or squeezed during the closing process, it will cause local wear or indentation on the sealing surface. The fluorine-lined ball valve medium is easy to cause wear, flushing and cavitation on the sealing surface when it is active, which is called 'media erosion'. This kind of situation often causes local damage, so the quality of the sealing surface must be processed well. Under the alternating action of medium erosion and chemical erosion, the sealing surface will be strongly eroded. In addition to natural damage to the sealing surface, there are also man-made damage. The reasons for man-made damage are: poor design, poor manufacturing, improper material selection, incorrect installation, improper use and insufficient maintenance and many other factors; so these situations must be avoided. Only when the ball valve is used can there be no problems, and the life of the ball valve can also be guaranteed. Mechanical damage, the sealing surface will be scratched, bumped, crushed and other damage during the switching process. Between the two sealing surfaces, under the action of high pressure, the mutual penetration and exudation of atoms occurs, resulting in the phenomenon of adhesion. When the two sealing surfaces move to each other, the adhesion is easily pulled and torn. The higher the roughness of the sealing surface, the more likely this phenomenon occurs. During the closing process of the high-pressure ball valve, the ball center will bump and squeeze the sealing surface during the process of returning to the seat, causing partial wear or indentation of the sealing surface. After recent years of development and innovation, Jiechuang adheres to the scientific and technological development of fluorine-lined ball valve production, insists on giving priority to the word 'goodRapid development, adhere to the development concept of creating a well-known brand of unemployed and national manufacturing industry in parallel.
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