An overview of the types of regulating valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-14
A summary of the types of regulating valves: They are classified according to their purpose and function, main parameters, pressure, medium working temperature, special purpose (ie special, special valve), driving energy, structure, etc. The most commonly used classification method is to classify according to structure. The regulating valve is divided into nine categories, 6 types are straight strokes, and 3 types are angular strokes. According to the purpose: a. Two-position valve: mainly used to close or connect the medium; b. Control valve: mainly used to adjust the system. When selecting a valve, it is necessary to determine the flow characteristics of the regulating valve; c. Diverter valve: used to distribute or mix media; d. Cut-off valve: usually refers to a valve with a leakage rate of less than 1/100,000. According to the main parameters: 1. Classification by pressure (1) Vacuum valve: working pressure is lower than standard atmospheric pressure; (2) Low pressure valve: nominal pressure PN≤1.6MPa; (3) Medium pressure valve: PN2.5~6.4MPa; ( 4) High pressure valve: PN10.0~80.0MPa, usually PN22, PN32; (5) Ultra-high pressure valve: PN100MPa. 2. Classification by medium working temperature (1) High temperature valve: t>450℃; (2) Medium temperature valve: 220℃≤t≤450℃; (3) Normal temperature valve: -40℃≤t≤220℃; ④Low temperature valve : -200℃≤t≤-40℃. Common classification method: This classification method is divided according to principle, function and structure, and is the most commonly used domestic and international classification method. Generally divided into nine categories: (1) Single-seat control valve; (2) Double-seat control valve; (3) Sleeve control valve; (4) Angle control valve; (5) Three-way control valve; (6) Diaphragm valve; (7) Butterfly valve; (8) Ball valve; (9) Eccentric rotary valve. The first six are straight strokes, and the last three are angular strokes. These nine products are also the most basic products, also known as common products, basic products or standard products. Various special products and special products are improved and modified on the basis of these nine types of products. Uses are divided into: (1) Soft sealing shut-off valve; (2) Hard sealing shut-off valve; (3) Wear-resistant regulating valve; (4) Corrosion-resistant regulating valve; Corrosion-resistant alloy regulating valve; (7) Emergency action shut-off or vent valve; (8) Anti-blocking regulating valve; (9) Corrosion-resistant and anti-blocking shut-off valve; (10) Insulation jacket valve; (11) Large pressure drop shut-off valve ; (12) Small flow control valve; (13) Large diameter control valve; (14) Large adjustable ratio control valve; (15) Low S energy-saving control valve; (16) Low noise valve; (17) Fine and small control valve ; (18) Lining (rubber, tetrafluoro, ceramic) regulating valve; (19) Special ball valve for water treatment; (20) Special valve for caustic soda; (21) Special valve for ammonium phosphate; (22) Chlorine gas regulating valve; (23) Corrugated Pipe sealing valve... According to the driving energy: (1) Pneumatic regulating valve; (2) Electric regulating valve; (3) Hydraulic regulating valve.
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