Advantages and disadvantages of using pneumatic actuators and valves together

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-23
Pneumatic actuators are actuators that use air pressure to drive open, close or adjust valves, also known as pneumatic actuators or pneumatic devices, but they are generally called pneumatic heads. Pneumatic actuators are sometimes equipped with certain auxiliary devices. Commonly used are valve positioners and handwheel mechanisms. The function of the valve positioner is to use the feedback principle to improve the performance of the actuator, so that the actuator can achieve accurate positioning according to the control signal of the controller. The function of the handwheel mechanism is to use it to directly control the control valve to maintain normal production when the control system is powered off, gas out, the controller has no output or the actuator fails. Pneumatic actuators are more economical than electric and hydraulic, and have a simple structure, easy to master and maintain. From the point of view of maintenance, pneumatic actuators are easier to operate and calibrate than other types of actuators, and the front and back can be easily interchanged on the spot. Its biggest advantage is safety. When using the positioner, it is ideal for flammable and explosive environments, and if the electrical signal is not explosion-proof or intrinsically safe, there is a potential fire hazard due to ignition. Therefore, although the application range of electric control valves is becoming wider and wider, in the chemical field, pneumatic control valves still occupy an absolute advantage. The main disadvantages of pneumatic actuators are: slow response, poor control accuracy, and poor anti-deviation ability, this is because of the compressibility of gas, especially when using large pneumatic actuators, the air needs to fill the cylinder and empty it. time. But this should not be a problem, because many operating conditions do not require a high degree of control accuracy and extremely fast response and anti-deviation ability.
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