Abnormal noise and vibration of chemical plants - abnormal noise and vibration of fluorine-lined valves and pipelines

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-06
Abnormal noise and vibration of chemical plants - abnormal noise and vibration of fluorine-lined valves and pipelines The noise of fluorine-lined valves and pipelines is mainly caused by the friction of pipelines with pressurized gas, or the noise generated by the surrounding gas disturbance caused by sudden depressurization and emptying . The abnormal noise of the fluorine-lined valve is mainly due to the following reasons: ① foreign objects fall on the valve seat; ② the high-speed liquid damages the fluorine-lined valve; ③ the switching valve is used as a control valve; ④ the gate valve leaks; flow through the valve body. Fluorine-lined valve screams: A fluorine-lined valve in good condition should be able to close normally. When the fluorine-lined valve is fully closed, a dull cry is issued, indicating that the liquid leaks through the valve seat of the fluorine-lined valve. If the pressure drop of the valve is relatively large, the noise can be very high. A small stone, screw, welding slag and other debris stuck on the valve can make the closing loose. Noise indicates that there is high-speed fluid passing through the fluorine-lined valve, and if it continues for a long time, the valve body will be eroded. If the valve cannot be removed for repair, the best solution is to reduce the pressure in the upstream line. If the normal working position of the fluorine-lined valve is closed, noise is often emitted, and the pressure drop through the fluorine-lined valve is large. As the temperature decreases, the vibration can be reduced. Screaming of fluorine-lined valve: It is a skill that people who deal with accidents should master to judge whether the switching fluorine-lined valve leaks by hearing the sound. With the ear close to the bottom of the valve, the sound of the leaking fluid will be clearly heard, and if there is no leakage, the noise will not be heard. Usually, the fluorine-lined gate valve is not used for control. If the opening of the fluorine-lined valve is not opened for 2 to 3 turns, the inside of the valve will be eroded by high-speed fluid. In this way, when the fluorine-lined valve is closed, the valve body will leak. 2. A differential pressure of 1 MPa is sufficient to pass such a large flow rate of fluid through an abrasive fluorine-lined valve.
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