95% of people don't know how much pressure a gate valve can handle, you know?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-18
Gate valve is an essential water industry product, mainly used in urban, construction, enterprise water supply and drainage engineering, industrial and domestic sewage treatment and water conservancy engineering and other fields. There may be gate valves in your work place and school, but have you ever understood the gate valves that exist in your life? Next, I will explain to you how much pressure the gate valve can withstand. Shell strength test: The shell test of the valve is a pressure test on the entire valve shell connected by the valve body and the bonnet. The pressure resistance of the entire housing inside. According to JB/T 9092, the shell test should be carried out with a pressure of 1.5 times the rated pressure of the material at 38°C. In the shell strength test, the test medium pressure is 6.0MPa, and the shortest duration of the test pressure is 1min. After the shortest duration of the test pressure is over, there shall be no leakage of courseware in all parts of the gate valve, so that the test pressure can be maintained tightly. Sealing test: The sealing test is a test to check the performance of the opening and closing parts and the sealing pair of the valve body. According to ISO 5208, the sealing test is carried out with a pressure of 1.1 times the rated pressure of the material at 38°C. The pressure of the test medium is 4.5MPa, and the test pressure is maintained for the shortest duration of 12min. There should be no visible leakage, that is, on the sealing surface of the valve body. There should be no visible leakage within 12 minutes, including small water droplets hanging on the sealing surface. It needs to be emphasized again that the designed valve body must have sufficient strength and rigidity. During the sealing test, the deformation of the shell must be controlled within the range of 0.001DN, otherwise it will be difficult to pass the sealing test. Upper sealing test: The upper sealing test is a test to check the sealing performance of the valve stem and valve cover sealing pair. According to JB/T 9092, the material can be used for the upper sealing test at a pressure of 1.1 times the rated pressure at 38°C; the air or inert gas is used for the low pressure upper sealing test, and the test pressure is 0.6MP. Take the test medium pressure of 5MP, keep the test pressure for the shortest duration of 60S, no leakage is allowed, and the liquid is obviously visible and there must be no visible dripping or damp phenomenon. The gate valve is light in weight: the body is made of high-grade ductile iron, which is about 20%~30% lighter than the traditional gate valve, and is easy to install and maintain. Flat-bottomed gate seat: The traditional gate valve often accumulates in the groove at the bottom of the valve due to foreign objects such as stones, wood blocks, cement, iron filings, sundries, etc. after the pipe is washed with water, which is easy to cause the water leakage phenomenon that cannot be closed tightly. The bottom of the elastic seat seal gate valve adopts the same flat-bottom design as the water pipe machine, which is not easy to cause debris accumulation and makes the fluid flow unobstructed. Overall rubber coating: The gate is made of high-quality rubber for the overall inner and outer coating. The first-class rubber vulcanization technology in Europe enables the vulcanized gate to ensure accurate geometric dimensions. Good elastic memory. Precision casting valve body: The valve body adopts precision casting, and the precise geometric dimensions make the valve body internal without any finishing machining to ensure the tightness of the valve. The flow resistance of the gate valve is very small, because the medium flows in a straight line, and it is convenient to close. His sealing surface is made of stainless steel and hard alloy, which has a particularly long service life, so the operation will be very dexterous, simple and easy to use, and there is no need to be careful about learning. The daily flow of water in a city is controlled by gate valves, so it can be seen that its quality and tightness are very good.
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